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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

From Accelerated Indexing Systems, as published on Broderbund Family Archives CD #314; and from Heritage Quest Online.

Only five counties are extant: Cheshire, Coos, Hillsborough, Rockingham, and Strafford.

Name County Township Page
Whitney, Aaron Hillsborough Co. Milford 874
Whitney, Asa Rockingham Co. Chichester 139
Whitney, Benjamin Cheshire Co. Chesterfield 329
Whitney, Benjamin Cheshire Co. Marlborough 386
Whitney, Charles Coos Co. Dalton 504
Whitney, Charles W. Cheshire Co. Troy 446
Whitney, Danl. Hillsborough Co. New Ipswick 889
Whitney, David Hillsborough New Ipswich 220
Whitney, Elexander Hillsborough Co. Haniker 659
Whitney, Eliakim Cheshire Co. Walpole 289
Whitney, Elleazer Hillsborough Co. Haniker 667
Whitney, Elnathan Hillsborough Co. Goffstown 762
Whitney, Isaiah Cheshire Co. Rindge 406
Whitney, James Hillsborough Co. Francestown 835
Whitney, James Hillsborough Co. Weare 753
Whitney, Joel Cheshire Co. Chesterfield 328
Whitney, Joel Cheshire Co. Fitzwilliam 347
Whitney, John Cheshire Co. Fitzwilliam 348
Whitney, John Cheshire Co. Troy 446
Whitney, John Hillsborough Co. Goffstown 773
Whitney, Joseph Cheshire Co. Acworth 015
Whitney, Joshua Hillsborough Co. Henniker 669
Whitney, Josiah Cheshire Co. Nelson 393
Whitney, Josiah Jr Cheshire Co. Nelson 394
Whitney, Lemuel Cheshire Co. Gilsum 126
Whitney, Leonard Rockingham Co. Canterbury 065
Whitney, Lovell Cheshire Co. Rindge 407
Whitney, Luther Cheshire Co. Gilsum 126
Whitney, Mary Cheshire Co. Chesterfield 328
Whitney, Moses Hillsborough Co. New Boston 884
Whitney, Phinehs Hillsborough Co. Dunstable 829
Whitney, Saml Rockingham Co. Concord 266
Whitney, Silas Hillsborough Co. Haniker 665
Whitney, Silas Rockingham Canterbury 43
Whitney, Zimri Cheshire Co. Jeffrey 366
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