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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name Township County Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Teresa P. Boston Ward 9 Suffolk Co. abt 1783 Massachusetts 240
Whitney, Terrence Boston Ward 8 Suffolk Co. abt 1825 Ir 148
Whitney, Thadeus Granville Hampden Co. abt 1783 Connecticut 247
Whitney, Thadeus Framingham Middlesex Co. abt 1794 Vermont 485
Whitney, Theadore West Springfield Hampden Co. abt 1791 Massachusetts 153
Whitney, Theo. Great Barrington Berkshire Co. abt 1799 Massachusetts 169
Whitney, Theodore Boston Ward 4 Suffolk Co. abt 1847 Massachusetts 198
Whitney, Theodore Westminster Worcester Co. abt 1807 Massachusetts 59
Whitney, Theodore A. Fitchburg Worcester Co. abt 1824 Massachusetts 134
Whitney, Theodore T. Milton Norfolk Co. abt 1846 Massachusetts 224
Whitney, Theodore W. Ashland Middlesex Co. abt 1843 Massachusetts 439
Whitney, Thirza Montague Franklin Co. abt 1795 Massachusetts 301
Whitney, Thomas Charlestown Middlesex Co. abt 1805 Massachusetts 72
Whitney, Thomas Shirley Middlesex Co. abt 1800 New Hampshire 9
Whitney, Thomas E. Shirley Middlesex Co. abt 1826 New Hampshire 9
Whitney, Thomas F. Beverly Essex Co. abt 1841 New Hampshire 294
Whitney, Thomas J. Nantucket Nantucket Co. abt 1804 Massachusetts 298
Whitney, Thomas M. Clinton Worcester Co. abt 1803 Nova Scotia 74
Whitney, Thomas P. Charlestown Middlesex Co. abt 1816 New Hampshire 63
Whitney, Thomas P. Lunenburg Worcester Co. abt 1847 Massachusetts 125
Whitney, Thos. E. Boston Ward 7 Suffolk Co. abt 1826 Massachusetts 4
Whitney, Thos. F. Watertown Middlesex Co. abt 1824 Massachusetts 350
Whitney, Timo. P. Wrentham Norfolk Co. abt 1787 Massachusetts 186
Whitney, Timothy Clinton Worcester Co. abt 1783 Massachusetts 77
Whitney, Timothy Petersham Worcester Co. abt 1790 Massachusetts 314
Whiting, Timothy Worcester Co. Sutton abt 1822 Massachusetts 254
Whitney, Timothy M. Westminster Worcester Co. abt 1845 Massachusetts 66
Whitney, Tryphena Westfield Hampden Co. abt 1820 Massachusetts 201
Whitney, Tyla Ashburnham Worcester Co. abt 1814 Massachusetts 14
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