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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Calvin Sullivan Co. Newport abt 1841 New Hampshire 45
Whitney, Caroline Grafton Co. Grafton abt 1830 New Hampshire 229
Whitney, Caroline Hillsborough Co. Milford abt 1801 New Hampshire 177
Whitney, Caroline A. Grafton Co. Thornton abt 1832 New Hampshire 275
Whitney, Caroline F. Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1810 Massachusetts 291
Whitney, Caroline S. Sullivan Co. Langdon abt 1833 New Hampshire 211
Whitney, Catharine Coos Co. Dalton abt 1785 Vermont 151
Whitney, Catharine Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1836 Massachusetts 292
Whitney, Catharine S. Coos Co. Berlin abt 1828 New Hampshire 106
Whitney, Catherine Merrimack Co. Canterbury abt 1838 New Hampshire 212
Whitney, Celia Coos Co. Bartlett abt 1825 New Hampshire 19
Whitney, Charles Belknap Co. Center Harbor abt 1843 New Hampshire 5
Whitney, Charles Cheshire Co. Surry abt 1850 New Hampshire 61
Whitney, Charles Cheshire Co. Troy abt 1828 New Hampshire 173
Whitney, Charles Coos Co. Dalton abt 1783 New Hampshire 151
Whitney, Charles Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1830 New Hampshire 281
Whitney, Charles Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1833 New Hampshire 286
Whitney, Charles Merrimack Co. Loudon abt 1841 New Hampshire 8
Whitney, Charles Merrimack Co. New London abt 1838 Massachusetts 106
Whitney, Charles Strafford Co. Rochester abt 1837 Maine 343
Whitney, Charles A. Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1822 Massachusetts 271
Whitney, Charles C. Strafford Co. Rollinsford abt 1846 New Hampshire 197
Whitney, Charles F. Hillsborough Co. Antrim abt 1848 New Hampshire 75
Whitney, Charles H. Cheshire Co. Nelson abt 1820 New Hampshire 288
Whitney, Charles H. Sullivan Co. Newport abt 1843 New Hampshire 45
Whitney, Charles K. Cheshire Co. Troy abt 1846 New Hampshire 171
Whitney, Charles K. Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1809 Massachusetts 251
Whitney, Charles M. Hillsborough Co. Manchester abt 1834 New Hampshire 31
Whitney, Charles P. Hillsborough Co. Milford abt 1838 New Hampshire 177
Whitney, Charles R. Cheshire Co. Nelson abt 1847 New Hampshire 288
Whitney, Charles S. Coos Co. Gorham abt 1833 Maine 21
Whitney, Charles S. Merrimack Co. Boscawen abt 1843 New Hampshire 270
Whitney, Charles W. Carroll Co. Tuftonboro abt 1832 New Hampshire 146
Whitney, Charles W. Cheshire Co. Troy abt 1792 New Hampshire 173
Whitney, Charles W. Cheshire Co. Fitzwilliam abt 1826 New Hampshire 190
Whitney, Chas. Cheshire Co. Walpole abt 1834 New Hampshire 347
Whitney, Chas. A. Grafton Co. Canaan abt 1849 New Hampshire 93
Whitney, Chauncey Cheshire Co. Hinsdale abt 1836 New Hampshire 82
Whitney, Christopher Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1795 Massachusetts 292
Whitney, Clarence R. Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1849 New Hampshire 283
Whitney, Clementina Grafton Co. Littleton abt 1850 New Hampshire 121
Whitney, Cornelia R. Cheshire Co. Rindge abt 1837 New Hampshire 264
Whitney, Cyrus Hillsborough Co. Antrim abt 1812 New Hampshire 75
Whitney, Cyrus G. Hillsborough Co. Antrim abt 1845 New Hampshire 75
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