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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Eben Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1836 New Hampshire 286
Whitney, Ebenezer Grafton Co. Campton abt 1843 New Hampshire 263
Whitney, Ebenezer Grafton Co. Campton abt 1804 New Hampshire 263
Whitney, Edward Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1827 Massachusetts 281
Whitney, Edward H. Strafford Co. Dover abt 1844 New Hampshire 14
Whitney, Edward P. Strafford Co. Rollinsford abt 1844 Maine 197
Whitney, Edward S. D. Sullivan Co. Charlestown abt 1825 New York 191/381
Whitney, Edwin R. Merrimack Co. Henniker abt 1826 New Hampshire 71
Whitney, Elisabeth Hillsborough Co. Manchester abt 1829 New Hampshire 30
Whitney, Elisha Coos Co. Gorham abt 1813 Maine 21
Whitney, Elisha L. Sullivan Co. Langdon abt 1836 New Hampshire 211
Whitney, Eliza Cheshire Co. Hinsdale abt 1828 Vermont 82
Whitney, Eliza Grafton Co. Campton abt 1808 New Hampshire 260
Whitney, Eliza A. Merrimack Co. Canterbury abt 1837 New Hampshire 212
Whitney, Eliza Ann Grafton Co. Littleton abt 1828 New Hampshire 121
Whitney, Eliza J. Hillsborough Co. Antrim abt 1839 New Hampshire 75
Whitney, Eliza K. Cheshire Co. Rindge abt 1830 New Hampshire 264
Whitney, Elizabeth Cheshire Co. Winchester abt 1826 Vermont 42
Whitney, Elizabeth C. Hillsborough Co. Peterborough abt 1826 New Hampshire 329
Whitney, Elizabeth S. Cheshire Co. Rindge abt 1850 New Hampshire 266
Whitney, Elmira Grafton Co. Enfield abt 1844 Vermont 209
Whitney, Elmira Rockingham Co. Kingston abt 1849 New Hampshire 171
Whitney, Elmira F. Cheshire Co. Marlborough abt 1836 New Hampshire 151
Whitney, Elmira S. Cheshire Co. Marlborough abt 1803 New Hampshire 151
Whitney, Elnathen Hillsborough Co. Goffstown abt 1791 New Hampshire 196
Whitney, Elnora Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1832 Massachusetts 291
Whitney, Elvira S. Cheshire Co. Rindge abt 1831 Vermont 256
Whitney, Elzina A. Grafton Co. Canaan abt 1825 New Hampshire 93
Whitney, Emaline Coos Co. Gorham abt 1832 Maine 21
Whitney, Emeline Grafton Co. Franconia abt 1820 New Hampshire 60
Whitney, Emeline Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1831 New Hampshire 278
Whitney, Emeline Merrimack Co. New London abt 1830 Massachusetts 106
Whitney, Emeline Sullivan Co. Newport abt 1813 New Hampshire 45
Whitney, Emeline A. Merrimack Co. Epsom abt 1849 New Hampshire 214
Whitney, Emely L. Grafton Co. Canaan abt 1849 New Hampshire 82
Whitney, Emily Hillsborough Co. New Ipswich abt 1842 Massachusetts 292
Whitney, Emma J. Grafton Co. Campton abt 1844 New Hampshire 260
Whitney, Engelia Hillsborough Co. Peterborough abt 1848 New Hampshire 338
Whitney, Esther M. Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1812 Massachusetts 251
Whitney, Eugene Hillsborough Co. Nashua abt 1834 New Hampshire 281
Whitney, Eunice C. Strafford Co. Rollinsford abt 1819 Maine 197
Whitney, Eveline T. Hillsborough Co. Milford abt 1820 New Hampshire 182
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