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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Palmer Wyoming Co. Java abt 1777 Massachusetts 67
Whitney, Pamelia Broome Co. Conklin abt 1822 New York 118
Whitney, Parkurst Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1785 Massachusetts 275
Whitney, Parmelia Broome Co. Chenango abt 1839 New York 337
Whitney, Paschal Cattaraugus Co. Yorkshire abt 1807 Vermont 464
Whitney, Paschal Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1824 New Hampshire 352
Whitney, Paschal L. Washington Co. Greenwich abt 1800 New Hampshire 109
Whitney, Patience Lewis Co. Denmark abt 1824 New York 238
Whitney, Patince Oneida Co. Kirkland abt 1780 New York 142
Whitney, Patty Orleans Co. Shelby abt 1803 New York 242
Whitney, Paul Essex Co. North Elba abt 1811 [New York] 179
Whitney, Permelia Oneida Co. Ava abt 1827 New York 124
Whitney, Perry Oneida Co. Paris abt 1820 New York 228
Whitney, Perry Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1836 New York 101
Whiting, Perry B. Tioga Co. Candor abt 1836 New York 156
Whitney, Perry Eils Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1834 New York 562(281)
Whitney, Peter Essex Co. Moriah abt 1794 Vermont 1
Whitney, Peter Franklin Co. Dickinson abt 1797 Vermont 113
Whitney, Peter Onondaga Co. Syracuse Ward 2 abt 1791 New York 110
Whitney, Peter Ulster Co. Saugerties abt 1815 New York 148
Whitney, Peter B. Onondaga Co. Onondaga abt 1798 New York 318
Whitney, Peter P. Wyoming Co. Castile abt 1836 New York 163
Whitney, Petter Putnam Co. Patterson abt 1800 New York 32
Whitney, Pheebe Ulster Co. Shandaken abt 1770 New York 202
Whitney, Phebe Chautauqua Co. Carroll abt 1805 Vermont 97
Witney, Phebe Chautauqua Co. Mina abt 1821 New York 294
Whitney, Phebe Delaware Co. Franklin abt 1793 New York 53
Whitney, Phebe Delaware Co. Roxbury abt 1810 New York 395
Whitney, Phebe Dutchess Co. Pleasant Valley abt 1790 New York 1
Whiting, Phebe Erie Co. Sardinia abt 1790 New York 216
Whiting, Phebe Erie Co. Sardinia abt 1828 New York 216
Whitney, Phebe Essex Co. Schroon abt 1799 Vermont 288
Whitney, Phebe Monroe Co. Rush abt 1813 New York 318
Whitney, Phebe Onondaga Co. Syracuse Ward 2 abt 1817 [New York] 110
Whitney, Phebe Queens Co. Oyster Bay abt 1796 [New York] 185
Whitney, Phebe Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1784 Rhode Island 562(281)
Whitney, Phebe Saint Lawrence Co. Canton abt 1844 New York 313
Whitney, Phebe Saint Lawrence Co. Oswegatchie abt 1796 New York 111
Whitney, Phebe Westchester Co. Cortlandt abt 1790 New York 176
Whitney, Phebe Wyoming Co. China abt 1828 New York 359
Whitney, Phebe A. Queens Co. Oyster Bay abt 1835 [New York] 185
Whitney, Phebe Ann Rensselaer Co. Troy Ward 1 abt 1813 New York 2
Whitney, Phebe E. Tompkins Co. Newfield abt 1839 New York 291
Whitney, Phebe J. New York Co. New York Ward 8 abt 1842 New York 358
Whitney, Phebe N. Westchester Co. Somers abt 1844 New York 279
Whitney, Phett Steuben Co. Caton abt 1834 New York 55
Whitney, Philander Washington Co. Granville abt 1834 New York 336
Whitney, Philena Steuben Co. Caton abt 1784 Connecticut 55
Whitney, Philinda Essex Co. Essex abt 1838 [New York] 81
Whitney, Philip Cayuga Co. Cato abt 1829 Canada 1
Whitney, Philip Westchester Co. Ossining abt 1800 New York 21
Whitney, Phillip New York Co. New York Ward 10 abt 1800 New York 105
Whitney, Philo Chemung Co. Elmira abt 1832 New York 255
Whitney, Philo Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1830 New York 97
Whitney, Philo Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1831 New York 101
Whitney, Philo Orleans Co. Shelby abt 1841 New York 242
Whitney, Phineas Essex Co. Essex abt 1802 [New York] 81
Whitney, Phoebe Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1837 New York 72
Whitney, Pirney Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1827 New York 352
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Conklin abt 1785 New York 118
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Sanford abt 1804 New York 187
Whitney, Polly Broome Co. Triangle abt 1781 Connecticut 268
Witney, Polly Chautauqua Co. Mina abt 1841 New York 294
Whitney, Polly Erie Co. Boston abt 1788 Vermont 11
Whitney, Polly Erie Co. Lancaster abt 1784 Vermont 185
Whitney, Polly Franklin Co. Moira abt 1773 Connecticut 105
Whitney, Polly Jefferson Co. Ellisburg abt 1791 Massachusetts 342
Whitney, Polly Orleans Co. Carlton abt 1802 [New York] 20
Whitney, Polly Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1792 Connecticut 105
Whitney, Polly Putnam Co. Southeast abt 1797 New York 19
Whitney, Polly Steuben Co. Hornby abt 1846 New York 101
Whitney, Polly Wyoming Co. Warsaw abt 1806 New York 313
Whitney, Preston New York Co. New York Ward 11 abt 1811 New York 348
Whitney, Pricilla Allegany Co. Independence abt 1835 New York 166
Whitney, Priscilla Cortland Co. Cortlandville abt 1816 Cortland CO NY 336
Whitney, Prudence Onondaga Co. Marcellus abt 1837 New York 337
Whitney, Prudy Monroe Co. Perinton abt 1790 New York 194
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