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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, C. L. Cuyahoga Co. Cleveland Ward 2 abt 1810 New York 195
Whitney, C. L. Geauga Co. Montville abt 1848 Ohio 208
Whitney, C. Perry Wayne Co. Wooster abt 1817 New York 235
Whitney, Calphronia Morrow Co. Lincoln abt 1815 New York 26
Whitney, Calvin Huron Co. Townsend abt 1847 Ohio 393
Whitney, Calvin Lorain Co. Camden abt 1816 New York 285
Whitney, Calvin D. Ashtabula Co. Morgan abt 1824 Vermont 435
Whitney, Camiles Washington Co. Lawrence abt 1848 Ohio 482
Whitney, Caroline Knox Co. Brown abt 1849 Ohio 444
Whitney, Caroline Lorain Co. Pittsfield abt 1842 Ohio 269
Whitney, Caroline Lorain Co. Camden abt 1845 Ohio 285
Whitney, Caroline Lucas Co. Washington abt 1830 Massachusetts 103
Whitney, Caroline Wood Co. Washington abt 1838 Ohio 166
Whitney, Catharine Auglaize Co. St. Marys abt 1828 Ohio 253
Whitney, Catharine Franklin Co. Columbus Ward 5 abt 1837 Ohio 206
Whitney, Catharine Richland Co. Sharon abt 1823 Connecticut 350
Whitney, Chandler Ashtabula Co. Windsor abt 1820 New York 490
Whitney, Chancy Lorain Co. Pittsfield abt 1846 Ohio 276
Whitney, Charles Ashtabula Co. Hartsgrove abt 1849 New York 455
Whitney, Charles Auglaize Co. Moulton abt 1849 Ohio 290
Whitney, Charles Erie Co. Florence abt 1834 Connecticut 418
Whitney, Charles Huron Co. Townsend abt 1813 Connecticut 393
Whitney, Charles Lake Co. Kirtland abt 1795 Massachusetts 228
Whitney, Charles Lake Co. Kirtland abt 1849 Ohio 220
Whitney, Charles Lorain Co. Pittsfield abt 1843 Ohio 269
Whitney, Charles Portage Co. Ravenna (East Half) abt 1835 Massachusetts 132
Whitney, Charles Summit Co. Boston abt 1830 Ohio 268
Whitney, Charles Summit Co. Boston abt 1829 New York 267
Whitney, Charles Trumbull Co. Hartford abt 1810 New York 407
Whitney, Charles Van Wert Co. Washington abt 1822 Massachusetts 159
Whitney, Charles Wood Co. Washington abt 1834 New York 166
Whitney, Charles H. Ashtabula Co. Saybrook abt 1848 Ohio 306
Whitney, Charles O. Lucas Co. Washington abt 1848 Ohio 103
Whitney, Charles W. Portage Co. Rootstown abt 1836 Ohio 136
Widney, Charles W. Miami Co. Washington abt 1845 Ohio 360
Whitney, Christina Franklin Co. Columbus Ward 5 abt 1848 Ohio 206
Whitney, Clara Medina Co. Wadsworth abt 1831 Connecticut 264
Whitney, Clara E. Cuyahoga Co. Cleveland Ward 2 abt 1850 Ohio 195
Whitney, Clarace Lorain Co. Camden abt 1810 New York 292
Whitney, Clarissa B. Geauga Co. Burton abt 1842 Ohio 220
Whitney, Clement Lorain Co. Pittsfield abt 1850 Ohio 276
Whitney, Comerce Lorain Co. Sheffield abt 1826 New York 383
Whitney, Cordelia Lorain Co. Pittsfield abt 1826 New York 267
Whitney, Cornelia Portage Co. Ravenna (East Half) abt 1826 Massachusetts 132
Whitney, Craft Franklin Co. Reynoldsburg abt 1814 New York 163
Whitney, Cyrus Hancock Co. Liberty abt 1837 Ohio 398
Whitney, Cyrus Montgomery Co. Dayton Ward 4 abt 1847 Ohio 206
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