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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whtney, Aby Crawford Co. Venango abt 1827 Pennsylvania 377
Whitny, Abigil Wayne Co. Honesdale abt 1827 Pennsylvania 255
Whitney, Ada J. Susquehanna Co. Lenox abt 1847 New York 85
Whitney, Adaline Tioga Co. Middlebury abt 1827 Pennsylvania 171
Whitney, Adelaide Erie Co. Waterford abt 1847 Pennsylvania 314
Whitney, Alanson Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1800 Pennsylvania 273
Widney, Alexander L. Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1844 [Pennsylvania] 394
Whitney, Alfred Philadelphia Co. Kensington Ward 1 abt 1804 Connecticut 32
Whitney, Alfred Philadelphia Co. Kensington Ward 1 abt 1837 Pennsylvania 32
Whitney, Alias Wayne Co. Honesdale abt 1818 Pennsylvania 251
Whitney, Alina Luzerne Co. Abington abt 1806 Pennsylvania 105
Widney, Allexander Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1812 [Pennsylvania] 384
Whitney, Almon Crawford Co. Summit abt 1794 Vermont --
Whitney, Alonzo Luzerne Co. Providence abt 1845 Pennsylvania 304
Whitney, Alonzo Susquehanna Co. Gibson abt 1830 Pennsylvania 280
Whitney, Alonzo Tioga Co. Charleston abt 1802 New York 71
Whitney, Alonzo Wyoming Co. Windham abt 1844 Pennsylvania 52
Whitney, Alonzo E. Susquehanna Co. Thompson abt 1850 Pennsylvania 243
Whitney, Alonzo F. Crawford Co. Sparta abt 1835 Pennsylvania 283
Whitney, Alvin Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1794 Massachusetts 273
Whitney, Alvin Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1830 Pennsylvania 274
Whitney, Amasa Potter Co. Bingham abt 1801 New York 109
Whitney, Amelia Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh abt 1849 Pennsylvania --
Whitney, Amelia Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1833 Pennsylvania 274
Whitney, Amorett Susquehanna Co. Thompson abt 1844 Pennsylvania 243
Whitney, Andrew D. Susquehanna Co. Gibson abt 1845 Pennsylvania 280
Whitney, Angeline Luzerne Co. Providence abt 1850 Pennsylvania 304
Widney, Ann Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1795 [Pennsylvania] 395
Whitney, Ann Philadelphia Co. Southwark Ward 3 abt 1841 Pennsylvania 215
Witney, Ann Philadelphia Co. Spring Garden Ward 4 abt 1828 Ireland 124
Whitney, Ann Schuylkill Co. Pottsville South Ward abt 1829 Pennsylvania 398
Whitney, Ann Wyoming Co. Windham abt 1825 Pennsylvania 52
Widney, Ann C. Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1848 [Pennsylvania] 384
Widney, Ann Elner Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1846 [Pennsylvania] 396
Widney, Anna Allegheny Co. Wilkins abt 1837 Pennsylvania 253
Witney, Anna Montgomery Co. Norristown Lower Ward abt 1800 Pennsylvania 290
Whitney, Anna Philadelphia Co. Philadelphia North Mulberry Ward abt 1827 Ireland 366
Whiting, Anna Susquehanna Co. Gibson abt 1805 Vermont 22/560
Whitney, Anna Matilda Philadelphia Co. Spring Garden Ward 2 abt 1845 Pennsylvania 417
Whitney, Annetta Susquehanna Co. Jackson abt 1844 Pennsylvania 258
Whitney, Annette W. Wayne Co. Dyberry abt 1844 Connecticut 188
Whitney, Annie Philadelphia Co. Philadelphia North Mulberry Ward abt 1832 Ireland 431
Whitney, Asa Philadelphia Co. Philadelphia South Mulberry Ward abt 1812 New York 306
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