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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Laura Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1805 Pennsylvania 273
Whitney, Laura Luzerne Co. Abington abt 1841 Pennsylvania 105
Whitney, Laurietta Tioga Co. Chatham abt 1829 Pennsylvania 142
Whitney, Laury Potter Co. Bingham abt 1840 New York 109
Whitney, Lavina Whitnae Clinton Co. Pine Creek abt 1830 Pennsylvania 100
Whitney, Lawrence F. Schuylkill Co. East Norwegian abt 1812 Pennsylvania 205
Whitney, Leander B. Susquehanna Co. Thompson abt 1847 Pennsylvania 243
Whitney, Lebbeus Schuylkill Co. Pottsville NE Ward abt 1786 North Carolina --
Whitney, Lebbeus Schuylkill Co. Pottsville South Ward abt 1841 Pennsylvania 382
Whitney, Lebbus Schuylkill Co. East Norwegian abt 1849 Pennsylvania 205
Whitney, Leoma Philadelphia Co. Kensington Ward 1 abt 1810 New Jersey 32
Whitney, Leonard Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1836 Pennsylvania 273
Whitney, Lorenzo Wyoming Co. Windham abt 1844 Pennsylvania 52
Whitney, Lorin Potter Co. Bingham abt 1849 Pennsylvania 109
Whitney, Losena Wyoming Co. Windham abt 1807 Pennsylvania 52
Whitney, Losina Wyoming Co. Windham abt 1834 Pennsylvania 52
Whitney, Louisa Luzerne Co. Abington abt 1834 Pennsylvania 114
Whitney, Lovina Erie Co. Waterford abt 1824 Pennsylvania 314
Whitney, Lucius Bradford Co. Wysox abt 1837 Pennsylvania 274
Widney, Lucinda Franklin Co. Fannett abt 1834 [Pennsylvania] 392
Whitney, Lucy Tioga Co. Elkland abt 1825 New York 59
Whitney, Lucy A. Warren Co. Brokenstraw abt 1845 Pennsylvania 332
Whiney, Lucy Ann Huntingdon Co. Petersburg abt 1843 Pennsylvania 73
Whitney, Lucy Ann Susquehanna Co. Thompson abt 1823 New York 243
Whitney, Lucy J. Luzerne Co. Abington abt 1836 Pennsylvania 117
Whitney, Luke Bradford Co. Springfield abt 1804 Massachusetts 379
Whitney, Luke F. Bradford Co. Springfield abt 1829 Massachusetts 379
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