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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, G. H. Franklin Co. Highgate abt 1824 Massachusetts 319
Whitney, Gamaliel T. Lamoille Co. Wolcott abt 1802 Vermont 131
Whitney, Gary Grand Isle Co. North Hero abt 1804 Vermont 20
Whitney, George Bennington Co. Peru abt 1834 Vermont 97
Whitney, George Chittenden Co. Burlington abt 1834 Vermont 280
Whitney, George Chittenden Co. Essex abt 1800 Massachusetts 280
Whitney, George Lamoille Co. Elmore abt 1846 Massachusetts 190
Whitney, George Orange Co. Chelsea abt 1833 Vermont 299
Whitney, George Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1813 Vermont 4
Whitney, George Orange Co. West Fairlee abt 1843 Vermont 63
Whitney, George Orange Co. Williamstown abt 1841 Vermont 268
Whitney, George Washington Co. Waterbury abt 1837 Vermont 304
Whitney, George Windham Co. Guilford abt 1803 Vermont 76
Whitney, George Windsor Co. Bridgewater abt 1845 Vermont 168
Whitney, George Windsor Co. Plymouth abt 1830 Vermont 426
Whitney, George B. Bennington Co. Peru abt 1845 Vermont 99
Whitney, George F. Windsor Co. Woodstock abt 1822 Vermont 51
Whitney, George F. Windham Co. Dummerston abt 1841 Vermont 211
Whitney, George H. Franklin Co. St. Albans abt 1807 Vermont 74
Whitney, George H. Lamoille Co. Wolcott abt 1796 Vermont 124
Whitney, George H. Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1836 Vermont 4
Whitney, George L. Chittenden Co. Milton abt 1812 New York 194
Whitney, George P. Orange Co. Braintree abt 1835 Vermont 309
Whitney, George S. Washington Co. Waterbury abt 1844 [Vermont] 300
Whitney, George W. Chittenden Co. Williston abt 1833 Vermont 6
Whitney, George W. Windsor Co. Plymouth abt 1830 Vermont 424
Whitney, Gersham Y. Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1835 Vermont 4
Whitney, Gilbert Windham Co. Halifax abt 1845 Vermont 129
Whitney, Giles E. Franklin Co. Highgate abt 1836 Vermont 331
Whitney, Greenville Grand Isle Co. North Hero abt 1847 Vermont 20
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