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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Hannah Androscoggin Co. Lewiston abt 1840 Maine 95/371
Whitney, Hannah Aroostook Co. Hodgdon abt 1817 Nova Scotia 28
Whitney, Hannah Aroostook Co. Presque Isle abt 1835 Maine 87/181
Whitney, Hannah Cumberland Co. Sebago abt 1827 Maine 39/511
Whitney, Hannah Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1775 Maine 26
Whitney, Hannah Franklin Co. Sandy River Plantation abt 1791 Maine 81/889
Whitney, Hannah Kennebec Co. Gardiner abt 1782 Maine 86
Whitney, Hannah Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1845 Maine 61/367
Whitney, Hannah Somerset Co. Moscow abt 1845 Maine 50
Whitny, Hannah Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1847 [Maine] 2
Whitney, Hannah Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1857 [Maine] 8
Whitney, Hannah York Co. Buxton abt 1819 Maine 23/467
Whitney, Hannah E. Cumberland Co. Brunswick abt 1853 Maine 112
Whitney, Hannah E. Sagadahoc Co. Richmond abt 1841 Maine 32
Whitney, Hannah E. W. Washington Co. Calais Ward 2 abt 1812 Maine 31/115
Whitney, Hannah H. Cumberland Co. Sebago abt 1830 Maine 39/511
Whitney, Hannah N. Oxford Co. Bethel abt 1813 New Hampshire 5/447
Whitney, Happy Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1782 Maine --
Whitney, Harriet Androscoggin Co. Lisbon abt 1842 Maine 35/169
Whitney, Harriet Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1837 Maine 38
Whitney, Harriet Kennebec Co. Gardiner abt 1841 Maine 85
Whitney, Harriet A. Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1848 Maine 114
Whitney, Harriet A. Sagadahoc Co. Richmond abt 1855 Maine 32
Whitney, Harriet C. Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1813 New Hampshire 24
Whitney, Harriet C. Washington Co. Calais Ward 2 abt 1847 Maine 31/115
Whitney, Harriet E. Cumberland Co. Falmouth abt 1852 Maine 48
Whitney, Harriet L. Aroostook Co. Fort Fairfield abt 1830 New Brunswick 21/283
Whitney, Harriet M. Penobscot Co. Newburgh abt 1853 Maine 52/485
Whitney, Harriet P. Cumberland Co. Falmouth abt 1838 Maine 9/385
Whitney, Harriett Cumberland Co. Gray abt 1853 Maine 15
Whitney, Harriett A. Kennebec Co. Sidney abt 1850 Maine 24
Whitney, Harriett J. Cumberland Co. Casco abt 1859 Maine 25/153
Whitney, Harriot E. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1854 Maine 30
Whitney, Harrison Cumberland Co. Harrison abt 1859 Maine 53/241
Whitney, Harrison Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1848 Maine 163/279
Whitney, Hartly Waldo Co. Thorndike abt 1849 Maine 14
Whitney, Haskell L. Franklin Co. Farmington abt 1825 Massachusetts 17/603
Whitney, Hattie L. Cumberland Co. North Yarmouth abt 1851 Maine 5/533
Whitney, Hattie O. Kennebec Co. Wayne abt 1839 Maine 89/1081
Whitney, Helen Piscataquis Co. Sangerville abt 1830 Maine 38/940
Whitney, Helen N. Kennebec Co. Wayne abt 1842 Maine 63/1055
Whitney, Helen Washington Co. Marshfield abt 1845 [Maine] 53/845
Whitney, Hellen Penobscot Co. Alton abt 1837 Maine 4
Whitney, Hellen Penobscot Co. Hudson abt 1845 [Maine] 50
Whitney, Hellen Penobscot Co. Newport abt 1858 Maine 52
Whitney, Hellen Somerset Co. Solon abt 1852 Maine 60
Whitney, Hellen M. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1841 Maine 29/777
Whitney, Hellen M. Hancock Co. Aurora abt 1857 [Maine] 46/462
Whitney, Heman B. Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1808 Maine 26
Whitney, Henrietta Washington Co. Addison abt 1846 Maine 37/1033
Whitney, Henrietta L. Knox Co. Warren abt 1833 Maine 43/321
Whitney, Henriette Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1849 Maine 7/799
Whitney, Henry Franklin Co. Chesterville abt 1804 Maine 27/757
Whitney, Henry Oxford Co. Brownfield abt 1815 Maine 2
Whitney, Henry Penobscot Co. Orono abt 1843 Maine 57/943
Whitney, Henry Waldo Co. Freedom abt 1816 Maine 42/231
Whitney, Henry Waldo Co. Waldo abt 1859 Maine
Whitney, Henry A. Franklin Co. Farmington abt 1842 Maine 58
Whitney, Henry H. Cumberland Co. Sebago abt 1841 Maine 51/523
Whitney, Henry M. Washington Co. Alexander abt 1851 Maine 21
Whitney, Henry P. Washington Co. Alexander abt 1821 Massachusetts 21
Whitney, Henry W. Hancock Co. Castine abt 1860 Maine 20
Whitney, Heny Waldo Co. Waldo abt 1821 Maine
Whitney, Herbert Kennebec Co. Augusta abt 1856 Maine 114
Whitney, Herbert A. Franklin Co. New Sharon abt 1858 [Maine] 49/713
Whitney, Hermon Washington Co. Jonesboro abt 1842 Maine 5/797
Whitney, Hermon S. Cumberland Co. Gorham abt 1848 Maine 30
Whitney, Hester A. Cumberland Co. Naples abt 1852 Maine 59/187
Whitney, Hezekiah Cumberland Co. Gray abt 1823 Maine 19
Whitney, Hezekiah H. Waldo Co. Lincolnville abt 1836 Maine 5/279
Whitney, Hiram Washington Co. Calais Ward 1 abt 1820 Maine 17/101
Whitney, Hiram E. Sagadahoc Co. Bowdoin abt 1858 Maine 73/73
Whitney, Horace Franklin Co. Chesterville abt 1851 Maine 28/758
Whitney, Horace York Co. Biddeford abt 1852 Maine 9/159
Whitney, Horace J. Cumberland Co. Otisfield abt 1852 New Hampshire 23/211
Whitney, Horace K. Cumberland Co. Harrison abt 1850 Maine 53/241
Whitney, Howard Cumberland Co. Standish abt 1855 Maine 20
Whitney, Howard Penobscot Co. Hampden abt 1808 Maine 68
Whitney, Hulda Oxford Co. Canton abt 1796 Maine --
Whitney, Humphrey Cumberland Co. Cumberland abt 1786 Maine 15/523
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