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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitny, D. A. Worcester Co. Fitchburg abt 1810 Massachusetts 192
Whitney, D. O. Worcester Co. Webster abt 1809 Massachusetts 320
Whitney, D. W. Worcester Co. Upton abt 1839 Massachusetts 165
Whitney, Dalena Worcester Co. Millbury abt 1856 Massachusetts 266
Whitney, Daniel Middlesex Co. Marlborough abt 1822 Massachusetts 143
Whitney, Daniel Middlesex Co. North Reading abt 1821 Nova Scotia --
Whitney, Daniel Middlesex Co. Pepperell abt 1820 Massachusetts 259/517
Whiting, Daniel Middlesex Co. Stow abt 1785 Massachusetts 41/367
Whitney, Daniel Nantucket Co. Nantucket abt 1798 Massachusetts 113
Whitney, Daniel Worcester Co. Grafton abt 1815 Connecticut 175
Whitney, Daniel Worcester Co. Grafton abt 1807 Massachusetts 201
Whitney, Daniel Worcester Co. Upton abt 1814 Massachusetts 165
Whitney, Daniel A. Middlesex Co. Sudbury abt 1850 Massachusetts 41
Whitney, Daniel B. Nantucket Co. Nantucket abt 1830 Massachusetts 113
Whitney, Daniel L. Middlesex Co. Sherborn abt 1846 Massachusetts 388
Whitney, Daniel S. Worcester Co. Southborough abt 1810 Massachusetts 166
Whitney, Daniel S. Worcester Co. Westborough abt 1835 Massachusetts 103
Whitney, Danl. H. Suffolk Co. Boston, 4th Ward abt 1832 Massachusetts 85-86
Whitney, David Middlesex Co. Lexington abt 1835 Nova Scotia 181
Whitney, David Middlesex Co. Lowell, 5th Ward abt 1830 Massachusetts 477
Whitney, David Middlesex Co. Lowell, 5th Ward abt 1807 Massachusetts 477
Whitney, David Suffolk Co. Boston, 1st Ward abt 1820 Bangor, Maine 42
Whitney, David Worcester Co. Bolton abt 1841 Massachusetts 43
Whitney, David Worcester Co. Grafton abt 1796 Massachusetts 160
Whitney, David Worcester Co. Oxford abt 1820 Ireland 233
Whitny, David Worcester Co. Westminster abt 1768 Massachusetts 29
Whitney, David Worcester Co. Worcester, 1st Ward abt 1833 Massachusetts 38
Whitny, David, Jr. Worcester Co. Westminster abt 1797 Massachusetts 29
Whitney, David C. Worcester Co. Ashburnham abt 1810 Massachusetts 159
Whitney, David M. Franklin Co. Shelburne abt 1814 Vermont 163-164
Whitney, David M. Middlesex Co. Natick abt 1806 Massachusetts 87
Whitney, David R. Suffolk Co. Boston, 4th Ward abt 1827 Massachusetts 52
Whitney, David R. Suffolk Co. Boston, 6th Ward abt 1828 Massachusetts 83
Whitney, Davis S. Suffolk Co. Boston, 3rd Ward abt 1825 Massachusetts 355
Whitny, Della G. Worcester Co. Upton abt 1858 Massachusetts 192
Whitney, Delphia Middlesex Co. Brighton abt 1839 Massachusetts 139
Whitney, Dennis Worcester Co. Boylston abt 1788 Massachusetts 6
Whitney, Diana Franklin Co. Montague abt 1801 Massachusetts 205
Whitney, Dolly Essex Co. Lynn, 4th Ward abt 1806 Massachusetts 277
Whitney, Dolly J. Worcester Co. Westminster abt 1816 Massachusetts 16
Whitney, Dora S. Middlesex Co. Groton abt 1858 Illinois 49
Whitney, Dorcas Worcester Co. Upton abt 1788 Massachusetts 163
Whitney, Dorcas W. Worcester Co. Harvard abt 1824 Massachusetts 10
Whitney, Dorothy Worcester Co. Ashburnham abt 1807 Massachusetts 152
Whitney, Dudley O. U.S. Franklin Co. Warwick abt 1826 Massachusetts 98
Whitney, Dudley R. Norfolk Co. West Roxbury abt 1851 Massachusetts 72
Whitney, Dulcenah Worcester Co. Templeton abt 1795 Massachusetts 11
Whitney, Duley Worcester Co. Winchendon abt 1834 Massachusetts 175
Whitney, Dwell Worcester Co. Ashburnham abt 1807 Massachusetts 120
Whitney, Dwight Berkshire Co. Adams abt 1858 Connecticut 160
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