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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Tacy Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1835 New York 143
Whitney, Temperance Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1791 New York 69/69
Whitney, Temperance Livingston Co. Geneseo abt 1806 New York 13/417
Whitney, Teresa Allegany Co. Burns abt 1806 New York 15/157
Whitney, Teresa Chemung Co. Horseheads abt 1828 New York 10/936
Whitney, Terrence Oneida Co. Utica Ward 4 abt 1813 Ireland 25/525
Whitney, Thaddius Cortland Co. Taylor abt 1808 New York 30/652
Whitney, Thaddius M. Cortland Co. Taylor abt 1852 New York 30/652
Whitney, Thankful Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1781 Rhode Island 152
Whitney, Thankfull Genesee Co. Pavilion abt 1808 New York 37/293
Whitney, Theodore Greene Co. Catskill abt 1832 New York 272/582
Whitney, Theodore Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1810 Connecticut 147/227
Whitney, Theodore M. Wyoming Co. Pike abt 1849 New York 32
Whitney, Theray Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1788 [New York] 80
Whitney, Theresa Broome Co. Triangle abt 1821 [New York] 95/80
Whitney, Theresa Oneida Co. Vernon abt 1845 New York 13/655
Whitney, Theron J. Allegany Co. Wiscoy abt 1852 New York 5
Whitney, Thomas Broome Co. Binghamton Ward 5 abt 1841 New York 183/462
Whitney, Thomas Broome Co. Triangle abt 1779 New York 67/52
Whiting, Thomas Broome Co. Triangle abt 1854 New York 63/48
Whitney, Thomas Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 1 District 2 abt 1836 New York 30/114
Whitney, Thomas Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 11 District 1 abt 1847 New York 152/152
Whitney, Thomas New York Co. New York Ward 19 District 3 abt 1820 Ireland 31/875:
Whitney, Thomas New York Co. New York Ward 19 District 2 abt 1859 New York 80
Whitney, Thomas Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1823 New York 35/483
Whitney, Thomas D. Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1852 New York 156
Whitney, Thomas H. Albany Co. Albany Ward 3 abt 1849 New York 81/437
Whitney, Thomas H. Queens Co. Hempstead abt 1842 New York 171/401
Whitney, Thomas J. Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1843 New York 69/69
Whitney, Thomas J. Saint Lawrence Co. Ogdensburg abt 1851 New York 110
Whitney, Thomas M. Oswego Co. Richland abt 1823 New York 40
Whitney, Thompson Tioga Co. Candor abt 1810 New York 87
Whitney, Thos. A. Westchester Co. Cortlandt abt 1804 New York 257
Whitney, Thos. J. Westchester Co. Cortlandt abt 1857 New York 257
Whitney, Thos. New York Co. New York Ward 4 District 2 abt 1830 New York 29/469
Whitney, Trueman O. Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1813 New York 92/490
Whitney, Truman Chautauqua Co. Mina abt 1818 Pennsylvania 15/321
Whitney, Truman Delaware Co. Meredith abt 1842 New York 24/282
Whitney, Truman Oswego Co. Scriba abt 1804 New York 17/669
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