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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, F. A. Windham Co. Brattleboro abt 1833 Vermont 95
Whitney, Fanney Orange Co. Williamstown abt 1843 Vermont 23
Whitney, Fannie Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1815 Vermont 291
Whitney, Fanny Orleans Co. Craftsbury abt 1803 Vermont 182-183
Whitney, Fanny Windham Co. Brookline abt 1806 Vermont 4
Whitney, Fanny Elizabeth Windham Co. Athens abt 1825 New Hampshire 127
Whitney, Fanny M. Windham Co. Whitingham abt 1833 Vermont 23
Whitney, Fidelia Addison Co. Granville abt 1827 Vermont 49
Whitney, Fidelia Franklin Co. Enosburgh abt 1813 Vermont 38
Whitney, Flora Washington Co. Warren abt 1855 Vermont 126
Whitney, Florence E. Franklin Co. Franklin abt 1852 Vermont 29
Whitney, Foster A. Windsor Co. Woodstock abt 1850 Vermont 18
Whitney, Frances Franklin Co. Enosburgh abt 1841 Vermont 38
Whitney, Frances Windham Co. Brattleboro abt 1836 Vermont 84
Whitney, Francese Chittenden Co. Williston abt 1844 Vermont 19
Whitney, Francis Essex Co. Maidstone abt 1832 Maine 33
Whitney, Francis Lamoille Co. Wolcott abt 1829 Vermont 23
Whitney, Francis Windsor Co. Hartford abt 1823 Vermont 176
Whitney, Frank B. Windham Co. Wilmington abt 1837 Vermont 2
Whitney, Frank H. Bennington Co. Dorset abt 1859 Vermont 63
Whitney, Franklin Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1811 Massachusetts 290
Whitney, Fred G. Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1858 Vermont 296
Whitney, Fred H. Chittenden Co. Essex abt 1852 Vermont 288
Whitney, Fred H. Orange Co. Williamstown abt 1857 Vermont 26
Whitney, Frederick Caledonia Co. Wheelock abt 1846 Vermont 126
Whitney, Frederick Windham Co. Marlboro abt 1852 Vermont 4
Whitney, Fredrick Orange Co. Braintree abt 1816 Vermont 298
Whitney, Freeman Orange Co. Chelsea abt 1813 Vermont 99
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