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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Withney, Barbara H. Sangamon Co. Chatham abt 1858 Illinois 22
Whitney, Barney C. Sangamon Co. Chatham abt 1824 New York 21/73
Whitney, Bella Lee Co. Franklin Grove abt 1852 Vermont 17/300
Whitney, Benjamin Lee Co. Dixon Ward 4 abt 1855 Illinois 22
Wittney, Bertha Saint Clair Co. Lebanon abt 1864 Illinois 50
Wittney, Bertha Saint Clair Co. Lebanon abt 1835 Virginia 50
Whitney, Betsey Whiteside Co. Sterling Ward 1 abt 1818 New York 12
Withney, Betsy Sangamon Co. Chatham abt 1862 Illinois 22
Whitney, Betsy DeKalb Co. Kingston abt 1806 New York 20
Whitney, Bispah J. Richland Co. Olney Ward 1 abt 1847 Indiana 21/602
Whitney, Boylston Henry Co. Clover abt 1834 Ohio 34
Whitney, Bradford Effingham Co. Douglas abt 1861 Illinois 38
Whitney, Briddan Champaign Co. Homer abt 1848 Indiana 11/335
Whitney, Bridget Cook Co. Chicago Ward 20 abt 1847 Ireland 291/471
Whitney, Brooks Marshall Co. Henry abt 1821 Massachusetts 3/324
Whitney, Bruce Cook Co. Chicago Ward 13 abt 1860 New York 79/407
Widney, Burton Henry Co. Oxford abt 1868 Illinois 27/121
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