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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitaney, A. E. Pottawattamie Co. Council Bluffs Ward 6 abt 1840 New York 50
Whitney, A. L. Cerro Gordo Co. Mason abt 1810 New York 32
Whitney, A. L. Franklin Co. Osceola abt 1861 Illinois 4
Whitney, Abbie Jones Co. Monticello abt 1821 New Hampshire 24
Whitney, Abner R. Floyd Co. Charles City abt 1860 Iowa 1/312
Whitney, Ada I. Linn Co. Fayette abt 1855 Iowa 17/170
Whitney, Adaline Hardin Co. Alden abt 1842 Michigan 13/345
Whitney, Adda Van Buren Co. Lick Creek abt 1867 Iowa 14
Whitney, Addie Allamakee Co. Lansing abt 1866 Iowa 47/224
Whitney, Adelbert Marshall Co. Le Grand abt 1849 Michigan 28
Whitney, Adelia D. Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1858 Iowa 6
Whitney, Adelime Cerro Gordo Co. Mason abt 1839 Illinois 20
Whitney, Agro B. Black Hawk Co. Barclay abt 1841 Vermont 12
Whitney, Agusta Linn Co. Fairfax abt 1826 Massachusetts 24
Whitney, Alanson Bremer Co. Jackson abt 1831 Canada 9/243
Whitney, Albert Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1826 Maine 15/316
Whitney, Albert Delaware Co. Oneida abt 1852 New York 26
Whitney, Albert E. Floyd Co. Charles City abt 1850 Ill 1/312
Whitney, Alden Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1830 New York 7/505
Whitney, Alexander Cherokee Co. Pitcher abt 1868 Iowa 2
Whitney, Alfred Fayette Co. West Union abt 1857 Canada 40
Whitney, Alice Polk Co. Des Moines Ward 2 abt 1849 Ohio 45/178
Whitney, Alice Shelby Co. Jackson abt 1856 Iowa [4]
Whitney, Alice Cass Co. Pymosa abt 1855 New York 24
Whitney, Alice Greene Co. Washington abt 1858 Illinois 18
Whitney, Alice Jones Co. Wyoming abt 1856 Massachusetts 9/237
Whitney, Alice C. Linn Co. Fayette abt 1857 Iowa 17/170
Whitney, Alice M. Clinton Co. Clinton abt 1862 Iowa 10
Whitney, Alike Cedar Co. Inland abt 1868 Iowa 8
Whitney, Allen R. Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1831 Maine 14
Whitney, Allice Lucas Co. Liberty abt 1868 Iowa 15/624
Whitney, Alma Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1865 Iowa 8
Whitney, Alma E. Floyd Co. Charles City abt 1857 Ill 1/312
Whitney, Alma L. Linn Co. Fayette abt 1860 Iowa 17/170
Whitney, Alvin Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1869 Illinois 4
Whitney, Alvin Benton Co. Polk abt 1867 Iowa 168
Whitney, Amanda Jones Co. Hale abt 1848 Iowa 6/92
Whitney, Amanda C. Mitchell Co. Osage abt 1840 New York 4
Whitney, Andrew Hardin Co. Alden abt 1834 Vermont 16
Whitney, Andrew Scott Co. Davenport Ward 6 abt 1853 England 55/384
Whitney, Andrew Lee Co. Montrose abt 1830 Ohio 35/390
Whitney, Ann Lee Co. Keokuk Ward 3 abt 1825 Vermont 41/278
Whitney, Ann E. Buchanan Co. Independence Ward 3 abt 1827 Connecticut 2
Whitney, Ann E. Bremer Co. Jackson abt 1861 Illinois 9/243
Whitney, Ann Eliza Henry Co. Marion abt 1825 Ohio 1/261
Whitney, Ann Eliza Keokuk Co. Prairie abt 1850 Illinois 16
Whitney, Anna Shelby Co. Clay abt 1824 New York [3]/4
Witney, Anne Scott Co. Liberty abt 1854 Holstein 2
Whitney, Annis Buchanan Co. Independence Ward 3 abt 1792 Massachusetts 2
Whitney, Anson Hardin Co. Eldora abt 1811 North Carolina 51/394
Whitney, Anson B. Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1835 Ohio 6
Whitney, Ardelia Cerro Gordo Co. Mason abt 1869 Iowa 20
Whitney, Arthur Montgomery Co. Douglas abt 1867 Iowa 1
Whitney, Arthur Poweshiek Co. Sheridan abt 1863 Iowa 8
Whitney, Arthur F. Cerro Gordo Co. Geneseo abt 1867 Iowa 4
Whitney, Arzellin E. Floyd Co. Charles City abt 1854 Ill 1/312
Whitney, Augusta Page Co. Grant abt 1840 Ohio 2
Whitney, Augusta E. Black Hawk Co. Waterloo Ward 1 abt 1845 Vermont 11/565
Whitney, Austin Clinton Co. Welton abt 1846 New York 9/450
Whitney, Austin A. Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1855 Maine 15/316
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