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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, D. F. Allamakee Co. Lansing abt 1824 Kentucky 47/224
Whitney, Daniel Cedar Co. Massillon abt 1826 Massachusetts 16
Whitney, Daniel Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1867 Iowa 8
Whitney, Daniel R. Marshall Co. Le Grand abt 1823 Ohio 28
Whitney, David Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1843 Illinois 10
Whitney, David Jackson Co. Union abt 1842 Maine 1/138
Whitney, David Black Hawk Co. Barclay abt 1845 Vermont 12
Whitney, David Poweshiek Co. Sheridan abt 1832 New York 8
Whitney, David E. Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1862 Iowa 8
Whitney, Delana Bremer Co. Jackson abt 1838 Canada 9/243
Whitney, Della Greene Co. Washington abt 1857 Illinois 18
Whitney, Della Mitchell Co. Mitchell abt 1863 Wisconsin 31/170
Whitney, Delos Cerro Gordo Co. Mason abt 1842 New York 36
Whitney, Dennis Clinton Co. De Witt abt 1829 New York 7/214
Whitney, Dina Clayton Co. Boardman abt 1831 Canada West 12
Whitney, Dora E. Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1868 Maine 15/316
Whitney, Doratha Linn Co. Boulder abt 1834 New York 19/48
Whitney, Dudley Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1859 Iowa 14
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