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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, F. R. Guthrie Co. Beaver abt 1857 New York 6
Whitney, F. S. Franklin Co. Osceola abt 1840 Canada 4
Whitney, Fanny Fayette Co. Fremont abt 1852 Wisconsin 4
Whitney, Fidelia Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1862 Iowa 6
Whitney, Flora M. Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1853 Iowa 14
Whitney, Florence Page Co. Grant abt 1860 Iowa 2
Whitney, Florence Buchanan Co. Independence Ward 3 abt 1865 Iowa 2
Whitney, Foster Taylor Co. Jefferson abt 1856 Illinois 10
Whitney, Frances M. Boone Co. Dodge abt 1816 New Jersey 25/94
Whitney, Francis Marshall Co. Marshalltown Ward 1 abt 1866 Iowa 4
Whitney, Francis L. Floyd Co. Rockford abt 1861 Iowa 17/277
Whitney, Francis M. Montgomery Co. Washington abt 1861 Iowa 3/71
Whitney, Frank Delaware Co. North Fork abt 1849 England 9/146
Whitney, Frank Crawford Co. East Boyer abt 1857 Illinois 1/470
Whitney, Frank Clayton Co. Boardman abt 1869 Iowa 12
Whitney, Frank Cass Co. Pymosa abt 1832 New York 23/96
Whitney, Frank Wapello Co. Agency abt 1852 Wisconsin 8
Whitney, Frank Lee Co. Montrose abt 1853 Illinois 35/390
Whitney, Frank Shelby Co. Clay abt 1860 New York [3]/4
Whitney, Freddie Poweshiek Co. Sheridan abt 1867 Illinois 8
Whitney, Frederic Dubuque Co. Dubuque Ward 4 abt 1848 Nova Scotia 100
Whitney, Frederick E. Black Hawk Co. Waterloo Ward 1 abt 1869 Iowa 11/565
Whitney, Frederick E. Clinton Co. Clinton Ward 2 abt 1856 New York 19/132
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