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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, H. Frank Delaware Co. Manchester abt 1852 New York 22
Whitney, Hamid Shelby Co. Clay abt 1847 New York 1/3
Whitney, Hamilton Crawford Co. East Boyer abt 1835 New York 1/470
Whitney, Hannah Delaware Co. North Fork abt 1817 England 9/146
Whitney, Hannah Sac Co. Jackson abt 1810 Vermont 2
Whitney, Hannah Fayette Co. Fremont abt 1809 Vermont 4
Whitney, Harriet Delaware Co. North Fork abt 1864 England 9/146
Whitney, Harriet Buchanan Co. Independence Ward 3 abt 1823 New York 11/458
Whitney, Harriet Black Hawk Co. Bennington abt 1853 Maine 15/316
Whitney, Harriet Cherokee Co. Afton abt 1840 Michigan 5/454
Whitney, Harriet O. Benton Co. Bruce abt 1832 New Hampshire 5/22
Whitney, Harriett Clinton Co. Brookfield abt 1821 New York 14
Whitmey, Harrison W. Hamilton Co. Fremont abt 1840 Ohio 6
Whitney, Harry Clayton Co. Boardman abt 1857 Wisconsin 12
Whitney, Harvey Keokuk Co. Prairie abt 1822 New York 16
Whitney, Harvey Keokuk Co. Prairie abt 1852 Illinois 16
Whitney, Hattie Mitchell Co. Mitchell abt 1853 Wisconsin 31/170
Whitney, Hattie M. Cherokee Co. Afton abt 1869 Iowa 5/454
Whitney, Helen Allamakee Co. Lansing abt 1861 Illinois 47/224
Whitney, Helen Clinton Co. De Witt abt 1835 New York 7/214
Whitney, Helen F. Sac Co. Jackson abt 1860 Iowa 2
Whitney, Henrita Hardin Co. Eldora abt 1852 Missouri 51/394
Whitney, Henry Linn Co. Fayette abt 1850 Wisconsin 17/170
Whitney, Henry Grundy Co. Felix abt 1848 Illinois [8]
Whitney, Henry Grundy Co. Black Hawk abt 1847 Illinois 5/72
Whitney, Henry Fayette Co. Fremont abt 1841 Massachusetts 7/71
Whitney, Henry Lee Co. Montrose abt 1858 Iowa 35/390
Whitney, Henry H. Page Co. Harlan abt 1838 Ohio 1/431
Whitney, Henry T. Iowa Co. Troy abt 1828 Ohio 16
Whitney, Herbert Guthrie Co. Beaver abt 1853 New York 6
Whitney, Hiram Jones Co. Hale abt 1866 Iowa 20
Whitney, Hirem P. Delaware Co. Manchester abt 1827 New York 22
Whitney, Homer Mitchell Co. Osage abt 1853 New York 4
Whitney, Howard Lee Co. Keokuk Ward 3 abt 1844 Vermont 41/278
Whitney, Hubert Wapello Co. Agency abt 1865 Wisconsin 8
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