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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, O. H. Clinton Co. Brookfield abt 1821 New York 14
Whitney, Olive Crawford Co. East Boyer abt 1837 Ohio 1/470
Whitney, Olive Van Buren Co. Lick Creek abt 1869 Iowa 14
Whitney, Oliver Harrison Co. Jackson abt 1848 New Jersey 4
Whitney, Orin D. Marshall Co. Le Grand abt 1855 Indiana 28
Whitney, Orley Shelby Co. Clay abt 1868 Iowa 1/3
Whitney, Orpha Jones Co. Hale abt 1870 Iowa 6/92
Whitney, Orson Shelby Co. Clay abt 1849 New York [3]/4
Whitney, Orvil Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1859 Iowa 7/505
Whitney, Oscar Shelby Co. Clay abt 1852 New York [2]
Whitney, Oscar Jackson Co. Maquoketa Ward 2 abt 1826 New York 5/25
Whitney, Oscar F. Sac Co. Jackson abt 1834 New York 2
Whitney, Osephina Marshall Co. Le Grand abt 1828 Kentucky 28
Whitney, Otto F. Hardin Co. Alden abt 1870 Iowa 13/345
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