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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, S. Mahaska Co. Des Moines abt 1842 India 13/232
Whitney, S. Mahaska Co. Des Moines abt 1843 India 13/232
Whitney, Sadia Linn Co. Marion abt 1850 Ohio 47/251
Whitney, Saml. Cerro Gordo Co. Geneseo abt 1841 New Hampshire 4
Whitney, Samuel Jackson Co. Iowa abt 1825 New York 16
Whitney, Samuel Jackson Co. Iowa abt 1852 Wisconsin 16
Whitney, Samuel Jones Co. Monticello abt 1820 New Hampshire 24
Whitney, Samuel Jackson Co. Union abt 1852 New York 7/141
Whitney, Samuel B. Bremer Co. Jackson abt 1870 Iowa 10
Whitney, Samuel E. Hardin Co. Eldora abt 1837 New York 30
Whitney, Sarah Clinton Co. Clinton Ward 2 abt 1825 Connecticut 19/132
Whitney, Sarah Poweshiek Co. Sheridan abt 1866 Ohio 8
Whitney, Sarah Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1855 Iowa 7/505
Whitney, Sarah Jackson Co. Iowa abt 1824 New York 16
Whitney, Sarah E. Floyd Co. Rockford abt 1834 Vermont 10
Whitney, Sarah E. Benton Co. Polk abt 1837 Illinois 168
Whitney, Sarah F. Page Co. Harlan abt 1868 Iowa 1/431
Whitney, Sarah M. Henry Co. Marion abt 1857 Iowa 1/261
Whitney, Sarah M. Clinton Co. Clinton abt 1838 New York 10
Whitney, Sconney Floyd Co. Ulster abt 1843 New York 3/344
Whitney, Seymour Buchanan Co. Madison abt 1862 Iowa 7/505
Whitney, Silas Shelby Co. Clay abt 1811 New York [3]/4
Whitney, Solomon Poweshiek Co. Deep River abt 1792 Vermont 16
Whitney, Susan Hardin Co. Union abt 1855 Ohio 14
Whitney, Susan Mills Co. Plattville abt 1810 New York 9/76
Whitney, Susan Cedar Co. Inland abt 1846 Pennsylvania 8
Whitney, Susan Montgomery Co. Douglas abt 1844 Ohio 1
Whitney, Sylvester Benton Co. Polk abt 1830 New Hampshire 168
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