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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, N. K. Calhoun Co. Bedford abt 1811 Vermont 12
Whitney, N. S. Kalamazoo Co. Richland abt 1837 Vermont 10
Whitney, Nancy Eaton Co. Oneida abt 1844 New York 23/265
Whitney, Nancy W. Menominee Co. Menominee abt 1849 Maine 30
Whitney, Nathan Muskegon Co. Casnovia abt 1822 Ohio 23/200
Whitney, Neil E. Muskegon Co. Casnovia abt 1857 Michigan 24
Whitney, Neil L. St. Clair Co. Fort Gratiot abt 1813 New York 7/193
Whiting, Nelley Monroe Co. Monroe Ward 2 abt 1864 Michigan 6
Whitney, Nellie Allegan Co. Wayland abt 1870 Michigan 23/418
Whitney, Nellie Kent Co. Caledonia abt 1861 Michigan 4
Whitney, Nellie Tuscola Co. Fremont abt 1843 New York 5/91
Whitney, Nellie M. Lenawee Co. Adrian Ward 2 abt 1845 Michigan 46
Whitney, Nettie Genesee Co. Argentine abt 1858 Michigan 23/403
Whitney, Nettie F. Hillsdale Co. Woodbridge abt 1859 New York 13/547
Whitney, Newton Ingham Co. Lansing Ward 3 abt 1851 Ohio 35/147
Whitney, Newton Jackson Co. Jackson Ward 2 abt 1828 New York 55/191
Whitney, Niel C. St. Clair Co. Port Huron Ward 1 abt 1859 Michigan 32
Whitney, Norman Kent Co. Plainfield abt 1868 Michigan 35/544
Whitney, Norris M. Lenawee Co. Rollin abt 1861 Michigan 19/485
Whitney, Nova Macomb Co. Shelby abt 1846 Michigan 42
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