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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Manley Isanti Co. Springvale abt 1860 Minnesota 2/52
Whitney, Marcus Steele Co. Owatonna Ward 1 abt 1866 Minnesota 4
Whitney, Margaret Isanti Co. Springvale abt 1833 Scotland 1/51
Whitney, Margarett Olmsted Co. Rochester Ward 2 abt 1800 Pennsylvania 11/409
Whitney, Maria Faribault Co. Brush Creek abt 1851 Wisconsin 8/1242
Whitney, Mark Ramsey Co. New Canady abt 1844 Illinois 9/863
Whitney, Martha Olmsted Co. High Forest abt 1832 New York 5/187
Whitney, Martha Ramsey Co. Saint Paul Ward 1 abt 1828 Maine 85/991
Whitney, Martha J. Meeker Co. Union Grove abt 1822 Illinois 3
Whitney, Mary Hennepin Co. St. Anthony Ward 3 abt 1860 Wisconsin 76/762
Whitney, Mary Anoka Co. Oak Grove abt 1835 Ohio 2/102
Whitney, Mary Hennepin Co. St. Anthony Ward 4 abt 1857 Minnesota 2/688
Whitney, Mary Hennepin Co. St. Anthony Ward 3 abt 1815 Maine 75/761
Whitney, Mary Redwood Co. Lynd abt 1844 Ohio 1/13
Whitney, Mary Mower Co. Lansing abt 1800 Connecticut 13
Whitney, Mary Mower Co. Frankford abt 1860 Iowa 6
Whitney, Mary Isanti Co. Springvale abt 1856 New York 1/51
Whitney, Mary Steele Co. Owatonna Ward 1 abt 1845 Maine 8
Whitney, Mary A. J. Wabasha Co. Lake City abt 1828 Virginia 39/503
Whitney, Mary Ann Freeborn Co. Manchester abt 1839 New York 8/1040
Whitney, Mary C. Wright Co. Monticello abt 1840 New Hampshire 2
Whitney, Mary E. Sherburne Co. Livonia abt 1858 Minnesota [15]
Whitney, Mary E. Steele Co. Owatonna Ward 1 abt 1834 New York 4
Whitney, Mary J. Wright Co. Monticello abt 1843 New Hampshire 11/594
Whitney, Matilda Mower Co. Frankford abt 1855 New York 6
Whitney, May Hennepin Co. Dayton abt 1848 Maine 17/95
Whitney, May A. Wabasha Co. Lake City abt 1848 Pennsylvania 39/503
Whitney, Melissa Isanti Co. Springvale abt 1835 Maine 2/52
Whitney, Melvin Benton Co. Glendorado abt 1859 Minnesota 3/205
Whitney, Millie A. Redwood Co. Lynd abt 1867 Minnesota 1/13
Whitney, Mortimer C. Steele Co. Owatonna Ward 1 abt 1829 New York 4
Whitney, Moses Wabasha Co. Reads Landing abt 1826 Maine 16
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