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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, B. Saint Lawrence Co. Lawrence abt 1834 New York 39/380
Whitney, B. D. Oswego Co. Hastings abt 1815 New York 70
Whitney, B. F. Chemung Co. Van Etten abt 1854 New York 24
Whitney, Baltus S. Rensselaer Co. Troy Ward 4 abt 1826 New York [ ]/140
Whitney, Barbara Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1821 New York 50
Whitney, Bathsheba Washington Co. Fort Ann abt 1812 Vermont 1/120
Whitney, Bedoria Saint Lawrence Co. Macomb abt 1828 New York 37/497
Whitney, Belden Tompkins Co. Enfield abt 1804 New York 36
Whitney, Bell Broome Co. Triangle abt 1861 New York 37/462
Whitney, Bella Albany Co. Albany Ward 10 abt 1861 New York 68
Whitney, Bella Onondaga Co. Elbridge abt 1868 New York 25/163
Whitney, Benj. Cattaraugus Co. Yorkshire abt 1830 New York 29/572
Whitney, Benjah Erie Co. Buffalo Ward 7 abt 1815 New York 326
Whitney, Benjamin Chemung Co. Big Flats abt 1799 New York 18
Whitney, Benjamin Oneida Co. New Hartford abt 1845 New York 14
Whitney, Benjamin Ontario Co. Manchester abt 1807 Vermont 70
Whitney, Benjamin Queens Co. Astoria abt 1845 New York 5/157
Whitney, Benjamin Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1814 New York 50
Whitney, Benjamin Saint Lawrence Co. Potsdam abt 1811 Canada 102
Whitney, Benjamin Washington Co. Kingsbury abt 1848 New York 40
Whitney, Bennie Washington Co. Granville abt 1869 New York 42
Whitney, Berdella Broome Co. Triangle abt 1863 New York 42
Whitney, Berta A. Cattaraugus Co. Yorkshire abt 1867 New York 29/572
Whitney, Bertha Chemung Co. Elmira Ward 4 abt 1867 New York 47/241
Whitney, Bertha Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1860 New Jersey 54
Whitney, Bessie Erie Co. North Collins abt 1869 New York 36
Whitney, Bessie New York Co. New York Ward 12 District 2 abt 1826 New York 51/72
Whitney, Bethy Broome Co. Windsor abt 1790 New York 31/543
Whitney, Betsey Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1796 New York 14
Whitney, Betsey Chautauqua Co. Ellicott abt 1795 Massachusetts 92
Whitney, Betsey Chautauqua Co. French Creek abt 1824 New York 21/385
Whitney, Betsey Essex Co. Schroon abt 1817 New York 40
Whitney, Betsey Genesee Co. Pavilion abt 1810 New York 3/675
Whitney, Betsey Jefferson Co. Philadelphia abt 1805 New York 41/569
Whitney, Betsey Jefferson Co. Henderson abt 1790 New York 11/358
Whitney, Betsey E. Allegany Co. Wirt abt 1795 Massachusetts 19/843
Whitney, Betsy Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1816 Vermont 36
Whitney, Billisent Niagara Co. Lockport Ward 2 abt 1801 Vermont 58
Whitney, Blanch E. Albany Co. Albany Ward 10 abt 1856 New York 52
Whitney, Bridget Monroe Co. Rochester Ward 2 abt 1848 Ireland 38
Whitney, Bridget Rensselaer Co. Troy Ward 10 abt 1851 New York 17/546
Whitney, Bronson Jefferson Co. Brownville abt 1859 New York 53/153
Whitney, Buel L. Franklin Co. Malone abt 1846 Vermont 69/673
Whitney, Bureta Greene Co. Catskill abt 1863 New York 139/151
Whitney, Burnett Tioga Co. Candor abt 1841 New York 84
Whitney, Burrett Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1861 New York 20
Whitney, Burrett E. Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1866 New York 16
Whitney, Burt Orleans Co. Shelby abt 1851 New York 56
Whitney, Burt Orleans Co. Ridgeway abt 1851 New York 117/285
Whitney, Burt Oswego Co. New Haven abt 1823 New York 28
Whitney, Burto Delaware Co. Franklin abt 1859 New York 19/159
Whitney, Burton R. Niagara Co. Niagara abt 1853 New York --
Whitney, Byron Otsego Co. Edmeston abt 1866 New York 13/97
Whitney, Byron Chenango Co. Sherburne abt 1858 New Jersey 54
Whitney, Byron Franklin Co. Dickinson abt 1846 New York 1/556
Whitney, Byron Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1831 New York 20
Whitney, Byron M. Monroe Co. Perinton abt 1858 New York 41/486
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