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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, D. Emmey Albany Co. Albany Ward 8 abt 1860 Canada 151/527
Whitney, D. H. Oneida Co. Vienna abt 1795 New York 17/493
Whitney, D. J. New York Co. New York Ward 18 District 15 (2nd Enumeration) abt 1837 Massachusetts 23/412
Whitney, Daniel New York Co. New York Ward 15 District 12 (2nd Enumeration) abt 1811 New York 70
Whitney, Daniel Saint Lawrence Co. Madrid abt 1811 New York 3/503
Whitney, Daniel Queens Co. Astoria abt 1861 New York 5/157
Whitney, Daniel Queens Co. Hempstead abt 1812 New York 131/447
Whitney, Daniel Orange Co. Newburgh Ward 2 abt 1831 New York 10
Whitney, Daniel Allegany Co. Burns abt 1822 New York 19/501
Whitney, Daniel Dutchess Co. Amenia abt 1835 New York 17/9
Whitney, Daniel Franklin Co. Fort Covington abt 1802 Vermont 57/614
Whitney, Daniel Jefferson Co. Brownville abt 1796 New York 57/155
Whitney, Daniel D. Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 1 abt 1819 New York 145/72
Whitney, Daniel E. Orleans Co. Clarendon abt 1845 New York 10
Whitney, Daniel J. Columbia Co. Hudson Ward 4 abt 1840 New York 5/382
Whitney, Daniel J. Saint Lawrence Co. Gouverneur abt 1847 New York 1/247
Whitney, Daniel S. Queens Co. Oyster Bay abt 1855 New York
Whitney, Danil Dutchess Co. Amenia abt 1840 New York 8
Whitney, Danl. Erie Co. Buffalo Ward 11 abt 1817 New York 133/664
Whitney, Danl. D. Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 1 abt 1854 New York 145/72
Whitney, Danl. H. Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1820 New York 15/8
Whitney, Danl. W. New York Co. New York Ward 15 District 8 abt 1812 New York 17/600
Whitney, Darling B. Queens Co. Oyster Bay abt 1814 New York
Whitney, Dathary Albany Co. Cohoes Ward 3 abt 1837 New York 53/465
Whitney, David Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1807 New York 50
Whitney, David Greene Co. Catskill abt 1813 New York 139/151
Whitney, David Madison Co. Sullivan abt 1853 New York 9/529
Whitney, David New York Co. New York Ward 18 District 3 abt 1811 Massachusetts 20
Whitney, David New York Co. New York Ward 18 District 12 abt 1835 Massachusetts 17/421
Whitney, David Oneida Co. Marshall abt 1817 New York 23/509
Whitney, David Onondaga Co. Cicero abt 1854 New York 70
Whitney, David Schoharie Co. Fulton abt 1854 New York 59/163
Whitney, David Tioga Co. Owego abt 1816 New York 73/225
Whitney, David Washington Co. Granville abt 1812 New York 36
Whitney, David Wayne Co. Macedon abt 1820 New York 59/287
Whitney, De Oswego Co. Albion abt 1868 New York 42
Whitney, Dealton Oswego Co. Albion abt 1863 New York 42
Whitney, Debbory Albany Co. Green Island abt 1782 Massachusetts 42
Whitney, Deborah Wayne Co. Walworth abt 1801 New York --
Whitney, Deestin Oswego Co. Albion abt 1860 New York 42
Whitney, Deforest Saint Lawrence Co. Canton abt 1842 New York 64
Whitney, Delaney Oswego Co. Albion abt 1865 New York 42
Whitney, Delia Franklin Co. Bombay abt 1836 Vermont --
Whitney, Delia Franklin Co. Chateaugay abt 1832 New York 68
Whitney, Delia Livingston Co. Portage abt 1831 Ireland 17/396
Whitney, Delia Steuben Co. Wheeler abt 1840 New York 5/591
Whitney, Delia Wayne Co. Walworth abt 1851 New York 8
Whitney, Delilah Ulster Co. Shandaken abt 1840 New York 56
Whitney, Delilia Chautauqua Co. Chautauqua abt 1835 Ireland 74
Whitney, Della Livingston Co. Groveland abt 1851 New York 8
Whitney, Delmar Cayuga Co. Venice abt 1869 New York 42
Whitney, Delos Otsego Co. Oneonta abt 1847 New York 16
Whitny, Deloss Cayuga Co. Brutus abt 1822 New York 17/259
Witney, Delton Saint Lawrence Co. Hermon abt 1844 New York 21/324
Whitney, Delvin Jefferson Co. Brownville abt 1859 New York 42
Whitney, Dennis Erie Co. Holland abt 1864 New York 37/366
Whitney, Derastus H. Orange Co. Deerpark abt 1866 New York 89/394
Whitney, Dewit Delaware Co. Andes abt 1859 New York 27/14
Whitney, Dewit Oswego Co. Albion abt 1849 New York 42
Whitney, Dewitt Lewis Co. Denmark abt 1845 New York 11/344
Whitney, Dewitt C. Saint Lawrence Co. Gouverneur abt 1867 New York 1/247
Whitney, Dexter Broome Co. Triangle abt 1805 New York 42
Whitney, Diana Steuben Co. Prattsburg abt 1828 New York 27/379
Whitny, Diantha Saratoga Co. Saratoga Springs abt 1818 New York 87/44
Whitney, Dille Fulton Co. Johnstown abt 1840 New York 124
Whitney, Dlight Oneida Co. Camden abt 1823 New York 22
Whitney, Doctor W. Delaware Co. Middletown abt 1845 New York 18
Whitney, Dolly Saratoga Co. Edinburg abt 1775 Vermont 19/127
Whitney, Dolly Chautauqua Co. Charlotte abt 1790 Massachusetts 1/59
Whitney, Dolly J. Saratoga Co. Edinburg abt 1824 New York 19/127
Whitney, Dolphus Broome Co. Triangle abt 1834 New York 42
Whitney, Donl. New York Co. New York Ward 17 District 20 (2nd Enumeration) abt 1854 New York 61/147
Whitney, Dora Saint Lawrence Co. Waddington abt 1857 New York 53/303
Whitney, Dora Essex Co. Schroon abt 1849 New York 40
Whitney, Dora Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 6 abt 1845 New York 64
Whitney, Dora E. Oswego Co. Parish abt 1863 New York 17/360
Whitney, Dorcas Putnam Co. Southeast abt 1800 New York 51/184
Whitney, Dorothy Delaware Co. Meredith abt 1786 Massachusetts 7/326
Whitney, Drake Niagara Co. Niagara Falls abt 1844 New York 74
Whitney, Duane Broome Co. Binghamton abt 1850 New York 16
Whitney, Duane Oswego Co. New Haven abt 1837 New York 28
Whitney, Dyantha Jefferson Co. Brownville abt 1849 New York 41/147
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