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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, Ola Allegany Co. Burns abt 1868 New York 19/501
Whitney, Olive Broome Co. Chenango abt 1820 New York 42
Whitney, Olive Essex Co. Schroon abt 1822 New York 14
Whitney, Olive Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1801 New York 15/8
Whitney, Oliver Washington Co. Greenwich abt 1855 New York 25/291
Whitney, Oliver Delaware Co. Davenport abt 1864 New York 39/103
Whitney, Oliver Erie Co. Wales abt 1805 New York 30
Whitney, Oliver Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1806 New York 15/640
Whitney, Oliver Putnam Co. Carmel abt 1854 New York 24
Whitney, Oliver Steuben Co. Caton abt 1831 New York 25/589
Whitney, Oliver B. Ulster Co. Marlborough abt 1845 Massachusetts 18
Whiting, Orange Chautauqua Co. Harmony abt 1825 Pennsylvania 63/488
Whitney, Orange Wyoming Co. Attica abt 1836 New York 41/45
Whitney, Orilla Allegany Co. Burns abt 1802 New York 29/506
Whitney, Orilla Wayne Co. Ontario abt 1834 New York 22
Whitney, Orison Otsego Co. Milford abt 1810 New York 48
Whitney, Orla Oswego Co. Oswego Ward 4 abt 1854 New York 32
Whitney, Orpha Tompkins Co. Newfield abt 1853 New York 17/359
Whitney, Orpha Tompkins Co. Newfield abt 1853 New York 28
Whitney, Orpha L. Franklin Co. Moira abt 1868 New York 9/735
Whitney, Orrin Schuyler Co. Reading abt 1844 New York 29/643
Whitney, Orris Saint Lawrence Co. Potsdam abt 1822 New York 150
Whitney, Orsen Delaware Co. Sidney abt 1848 New York 54
Whitney, Orvil Lewis Co. Diana abt 1853 New York 1/367
Whitney, Orville Oswego Co. Mexico abt 1830 New York 37/615
Whitney, Orville P. Kings Co. Brooklyn Ward 6 abt 1834 Massachusetts 64
Whitney, Oscar Oswego Co. Richland abt 1815 New York 82
Whitney, Oscar Fulton Co. Mayfield abt 1860 New York 35/256
Whitney, Oscar Wyoming Co. Perry abt 1846 New York 53/272
Whitney, Oscar Saratoga Co. Hadley abt 1832 Vermont 5/201
Whitney, Oscar F. Wayne Co. Ontario abt 1824 New York 21/327
Whitney, Oscar F. Orange Co. Warwick abt 1805 New York 627/31
Whitney, Oscar J. Ontario Co. Phelps abt 1840 New York 94
Whitney, Oscar N. Lewis Co. Harrisburg abt 1866 New York 6
Whitney, Otis Ontario Co. Seneca abt 1787 Massachusetts 14
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