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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, R. V. Susquehanna Co. Thompson abt 1832 Pennsylvania 13/590
Whitney, Rachael Erie Co. Waterford Township abt 1849 Pennsylvania 13/497
Whitney, Rebecca Bedford Co. Coaldale abt 1863 Pennsylvania 3/407
Whitney, Rebecca Susquehanna Co. Lenox abt 1809 Pennsylvania 24
Whitney, Rhoda B. Tioga Co. Charleston abt 1846 New York 27/78
Whitney, Rhoda M. Susquehanna Co. Harford abt 1825 Pennsylvania 2
Whitney, Richard Tioga Co. Middlebury abt 1859 Pennsylvania 23/295
Whitney, Robert Susquehanna Co. Silver Lake abt 1793 England 26
Whitney, Robert E. Susquehanna Co. Silver Lake abt 1841 New York 16
Whitney, Robt L. Philadelphia Co. Philadelphia Ward 26 District 86 abt 1858 Pennsylvania 141/407
Whitney, Rosale Lehigh Co. Allentown Ward 4 abt 1866 New York 51/112
Widney, Rosanna Franklin Co. Metal abt 1798 Pennsylvania 24
Whitney, Roswell Susquehanna Co. Harford abt 1791 Vermont 30
Whitney, Royal Tioga Co. Chatham abt 1833 Pennsylvania 22
Whitney, Ruby Erie Co. Greenfield abt 1846 Vermont 11/207
Whitney, Russell Wayne Co. Honesdale abt 1868 Pennsylvania 21/408
Witney, Ruth Bedford Co. Hopewell abt 1858 Pennsylvania 11/476
Whitney, Ruth Tioga Co. Chatham abt 1858 Pennsylvania 22
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