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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name County Township Birthdate Birthplace Page
Whitney, W. W. Windham Co. Brattleboro abt 1830 Vermont 1/352
Whitney, Wallace Franklin Co. Franklin abt 1840 Vermont 38
Whitney, Walter Addison Co. Salisbury abt 1865 Vermont 5/235
Whitney, Walter E. Orange Co. Brookfield abt 1857 Vermont 29/267
Whitney, Wealthy Washington Co. Worcester abt 1842 Vermont 6
Whitney, Wesley Windham Co. Guilford abt 1862 Vermont 10
Whitney, Wilber Addison Co. Bristol abt 1844 Vermont 22
Whitney, William Windsor Co. Rochester abt 1826 Vermont 23/489
Whitney, William Chittenden Co. Williston abt 1841 Vermont 17/748
Whitney, William Chittenden Co. Burlington abt 1851 Vermont 145/364
Whitney, William Bennington Co. Peru abt 1811 Massachusetts 12
Whitney, William Rutland Co. Rutland abt 1869 Vermont 120
Whitney, William Orleans Co. Newport abt 1840 Canada 29/224
Whitney, William B. Orange Co. West Fairlee abt 1861 Vermont 14
Whitney, William H. Windham Co. Marlboro abt 1847 Vermont 6
Whitney, William L. Windsor Co. Windsor abt 1856 Massachusetts 3/629
Whitney, Williard Addison Co. Salisbury abt 1810 Vermont 5/235
Whitney, Willie Windsor Co. Bethel abt 1861 Vermont 40
Whitney, Willie Addison Co. Middlebury abt 1864 New York --
Whitney, Willie Bennington Co. Readsboro abt 1858 Vermont 1/504
Whitney, Willie Addison Co. Granville abt 1859 Vermont 16
Whitney, Willie Windsor Co. Rochester abt 1861 Vermont 23/489
Whitney, Willie Addison Co. Salisbury abt 1856 Vermont 5/235
Whitney, Willis Orange Co. Braintree abt 1864 Vermont 11/244
Whitney, Willis Orange Co. Tunbridge abt 1851 Vermont 5/449
Whitney, Willis F. Windham Co. Guilford abt 1860 Vermont 10
Whitney, Winefred Windsor Co. Springfield abt 1869 Vermont --
Whitney, Winfield Windham Co. Halifax abt 1862 Vermont 20
Whitney, Wm. Windham Co. Halifax abt 1849 Vermont 1/1
Whitney, Wm. Orange Co. West Fairlee abt 1849 Vermont 3/496
Whitney, Wm. Orleans Co. Craftsbury abt 1858 Vermont 14
Whitney, Wm. F. Orange Co. West Fairlee abt 1825 Vermont 14
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