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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name Station Location Birthdate Birthplace Race Rank
Albert Whitney USS Baltimore Suez Canal, Egypt July 1875 Colorado White Coal Passer
Albert A. A. Whitney I Company 41st Infantry San Pedro Magalang, Philippines December 1879 Illinois White Private
Charles Whitney 42nd Volunteer Infantry Manila, Luzon, Philippines July 1879 Illinois White Private
Charles A. Whitney USS Yosemite San Louis d'Apra, Guam July 1877 Massachusetts White Carpl
Charles H. Whitney E Troop Fifth Artillery Port San Cristobal, Puerto Rico September 1864 Virginia White Private
Clyde D. Whitney Mannanuco Cuba September 1870 Canada
Dayton Whitney H Company 38th Infantry Tipa, Philippines September 1864 New York White Private
Edward Whitney Civilians, Residents of the US Military Post Solano, Aparri, Philippines January 1872 Kansas Black Son
Folliot A. Whitney Field Staff Band 6th Infantry Bacolod, Island of Negros, Philippines March 1842 Washington DC White Maior
Francis A. Whitney Marine Barracks & U. S. Naval Station Ladroni Islands, Agana, Guam February 1877 Maine White Private
Guy W. Whitney F. S. and Band 9th Infantry Philippines Michigan White Private
Hans I./Hansel Whitney Calvary Barracks Field Staff & Band 4th Calvary San Isidro, Pasay, Philippines September 1880 Indian Territory White Private
Harry Whitney K 11th Calvary Nueva Cacesus, Manila, Philippines June 1878 Pennsylvania White Private
James M. Widney Field Staff & Band 4th Calvary Pasay Calvary Barracks, Philippines February 1878 Pennsylvania
Joseph Whitney Caloocan Calvary Barracks Field Staff & Band 4th Calvary Pasay, Philippines July 1859 Kansas White Private
Joseph Whitney USS Texas US Naval Forces New York White G M 3c
Llewellyn H. Whitney USFS Newash/Newark Taku, China Maine November 1875 White Conswain
Louis M. Whitney 42nd Volunteer Infantry Paete Laguna, Manila, Luzon, Philippines May 1875 New York White Porter
Mines H. Whitney I Company 17th Infantry Dagupan, Philippines December 1862 Ohio
Oscar L. Whitney F. S. and Band 9th Infantry Philippines Maine
Richard Whitney F. S. & B. 36th Volunteers Infantry Salasa, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines December 1876 Oklahoma White Private
Roy F Whitney B Company 22nd Infantry Arayat, San Isidro, Philippines July 1874 Ohio White Corporal
Spine H Whitney Calarias Philippine Islands Ohio White Private
Willett L Whitney Ilagan Philippine Islands Maine White Private
William Whitney 42nd Volunteer Infantry Antipolo, Manila, Luzon, Philippines December 1868 Ohio White Private
William Whitney Union FSNCS & Band 48th Infantry San Fernando, Province of Luzon, Philippines Kentucky Black Private
William E. Whitney M Company 31st Infantry Post of Zamboanga/Bagaugu, Island of Windauas, Philippines New York White Corporal
Wilson D. Widney USFS Newash/Newark Taku, China March 1882 California White Apprentice 2st C
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