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Hallett, C. F. E. Hollis, 19th Century Bermuda Wills 1835-1913 (Bermuda:Juniperhill Press, 1993).

Name Written Probated Details Reference Page
Whitney, Amelia Martha 1863, March 13 1864, July 12 Dv, wd, dau of John Harriott (d), ch: Henry John (d, Dem, left ch), Francis Wm (res Dem), Anna Rebecca Watlington (w of John Thos), Amelia Christiana Watlington (w of Benjamin Wm), exec: sons-in-law Watlington, wit: Wm J. Cox, Wm Cox W21:476 393
Whitney, David 1836, Aug. 17 1854, Aug. 22 master mariner, Pm, s of Robert P. Whitney (living), w Ann Wood Whitney, dau Honora Susan, f-in-law Wm White (living), exec: w, f-in-law, bro-in-law Wm Benjamin White, wit: Geo Hutchings, Bernard A. Ingham W19:293 393
Whitney, David 1853, June 15 w Ann Wood is dau of Wm White of Hamilton (his will) W20:445 393
Whitney, Elizabeth Frances 1910, July 29 beneficiary of will of Wm Edwin Cooper of Sn W30:15 393
Whitney, Frances 1856, May 30 d, aunt of Richard Wm George of Pm (his will) W20:77 393
Whitney, Frances Mary 1876, May 10 w of Wm, dau of Adriana Gilbert Hill (wd, Hm, her will) W24:117 393
Whitney, Frances Mary 1877, April 20 w of Wm, sis of Anthony Burgess Hill of Hm (his will) W24:123 393
Whitney, Frances Mary 1890, March 26 1901, Dec. 30 not yet transcribed (long) W27:714 394
Whitney, Francis William 1836, Sept. 1 wit to will of Wm Cox of Dv W17:114 394
Whitney, George Orrett 1895, Sept. 25 1899, Jan 31 Pm, House of Assembly, exec: w Joanna, wit: Reginald Gray, Henry Dunkley W27:428 394
Whitney, Henry W. 1855, Sept. 27 affidavit at probate of will of David Francis Eve of Turks & Caicos W21:162 394
Whitney, James Richard 1889, Dec. 19 1890, June 7 w Elizabeth Frances is sis of Camilla Eleanor Newbold (sp, Wk, her will), s Jas Benjamin Greig Henry W26:286 394
Whitney, Jeremiah 1827, Feb. 16 d, wd still living on property of dau Frances Rebecca Dunscomb (wd, Pm, her will) W18:120 394
Whitney, John Walker 1912, June 3 1913, Oct. 16 grocer, exec of will of John Robert Gibson of Hamilton W31:81 394
Whitney, Mary Jane 1882, Dec. 27 d, w of Geo O, dau of Thomas Joell Burch Jones, left 3 daus W25:134 394
Whitney, Richard M. 1850, May 3 wit to will of Geo Frith of Wk W19:460 394
Whitney, Robert P. 1839, Oct. 25 wit to will of Mary Joell of Pm (wd of Solomon) W16:382 394
Whitney, William 1887, May 31 1890, Sept. 1 not yet transcribed (long) W26:303 394 & 395

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