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Add a Photograph to the WRG Photograph Archives

To add a photograph, choose a number NNN not already in use, and both a caption for it, and a description of it (which may be the same). Enter the number in place of NNN in the window below, and click on the button.

When done go to Upload file. Click on the Browse button to find the photo you want to upload. Once its address is in the Source box, type "WRG_Photo_NNN.jpg" (with "NNN" replaced with the number, and "jpg" replaced by the appropriate file extension) in the Destination box. Then put your description of the photograph in the large Summary box, and click on "Upload File".

Finally, go to Archive:Photos, edit it, add your entry to the list, and save your change.

If you don't understand these instructions, or are having trouble following them, contact Robert L. Ward or Tim Doyle.

Copyright © 2006, Tim Doyle and the Whitney Research Group.

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