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Hough, Franklin Benjamin, American Biographical Notes: Being Short Notices of Deceased Persons, Chiefly Those Not Included in Allen's or Drake's Biographical Dictionary. (Albany: Munsell, 1875; reprint, Harrison, N.Y.: Harbor Hill Books, 1974).

KEYES, SAMUEL WHITNEY, d. in Highgate, Vt., Feb. 18, 1851, a. 66; was an enterprising merchant.

WHITNEY, ALEXANDER, d. in East Cambridge, Mass., May 13, 1842, a. 32; grad. at Harvard in 1831.

WHITNEY, ASA, a well known car manufacturer; d. at Philadelphia, Pa, June 4, 1874.

WHITNEY, ELIAS, of Poughkepsie, N. Y.; d. June, 1860, a. 91. (Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 619.)

WHITNEY, JAMES P., d. Jan. 24, 1847, a. 44; native of Shirley, Mass.; lately a member of the state senate.

WHITNEY, STEPHEN, merchant in N. Y.; amassed a colossal fortune; was remarkable for the tenacity with which he held on to his down-town residence; was many years the last person who retained a mansion fronting the bowling green, once the aristocratic quarter of the town; d. Feb. 16, 1860, a. 84. (Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 112.)

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