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Atlantic Virginia: Intercolonial Relationships in the Seventeenth Century, by April Lee Hatfield (University of Pennsylvannia Press, 2003)

Page 72

...In November 1642 the men at Hodgkin's inn included a Mr. Chaundler, his servant Robert Warder, an unnamed ship's gunner (identified only as belonging to Watlington's ship), and Virginian Andrew Jacobs. With all present, the ship's gunner reminded Chaundler that during an earlier conversation Chaundler had promised to free his servant Warder for 6 pounds. The gunner now had the money to buy Warder's freedom, but since the agreement Chaundler had sold three years of Warder's time to another man and now could not keep his promise.

Page 260 Notes to Pages 90 - 92

21. Francis Sampson to his brother Sampson, June 6, 1666, CSPC 1661-1668, 385, #1212. In a letter written June 11, Michael Smith wrote the same information from Nevis to London merchant Richard Chaundler "Many have been sent for Virginia and New England and 2,000 old men, women and children, have been sent to Nevis."

Transcribed by Adrian Benjamin Burke, Esq.

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