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From Kenneth Whitney.

"The following is a transcription of the Bible record of my great-great grandmother, Dorcas Drury Parlin Whitney, the wife of Ebenezer Whitney. His lineage is John1, Benjamin2, Nathaniel3, Abel4, Micah5, Ebenezer6. The Bible was printed in New York in 1833, and stereotyped by A. Chandler for the American Bible Society. The inside front cover is inscribed 'Bible of Dorcas D. Whitney who died April 1st, 1894.' The following records are written on the blank pages between the Old and New Testaments."

First Page

Ebenezer Whitney was born in Gorham, Me. Oct. 15th AD 1791. Died
   in Freeman, Me.

Ebenezer Whitney & Dorcas D. Parlin were married December 26th
   A.D. 1842

Simon Parlin & Sara Hoyt were married July 17th 1866

J. Drury Whitney & Ellie Peary were married June 26th 1870

Charles E. Whitney and Julia Burbank were married April 28, 1877

Frank C. Reed and Myra A. Whitney were married November 30, 1882

Frank D. Whitney and Katie O. Coggeshall were married May 8th 1894

H.F.N. Marshall & Minerva Belle Whitney were married Dec 31, 1895

Charles L. Whitney & Florence Gibson were married Nov. 3rd 1896

Second Page

Ebenezer Whitney was born August 15, 1791

Dorcas D. Whitney was born in Temple, Maine March 28, 1812

Simon Parlin was born October 17th A.D. 1837 (died at Soldier's
   Home in Chelsea, Mass. June 1st 1925 aged 88 y)

John Drury Whitney was born October 21st A.D. 1843

Charles Edgar Whitney was born Dec 2nd A.D. 1846

Myra Anna Whitney was born Sept 29th A.D. 1850

Phebe Evangeline, daughter of Simon & Sara Parlin was born in
   Phillips, Maine Sept 30th 1870

Mary Hoyt their daughter was born in Malden, Mass. Feb 28th AD 1881

Third Page

Frank Drury, son of J. Drury & Ellie Whitney was born Jan. 9th 1871

Minerva Bell Whitney was born February 11th, 1872

Charles Louis Whitney was born February 9th, 1874

Jonas Albert Whitney was born Nov. 5th 1877

Charles Raymond Whitney, son of Charles E. & Julia Whitney was born in
   Phillips, Maine March 8, 1878.

Albert Daggett their son was born in Phillips Aug 7th, 1879

Benjamin Burbank their son was born in Phillips May 20, 1884

Ralph Taylor Whitney was born in Franklin, Mass. May 2nd 1890.

Fourth Page

John Drury, father of Dorcas Whitney, died in Temple, Me. June 14, 1828
   aged 48 yrs, 6 months

Anna, wife of John Drury died in Enfield, Me. Aug. 23, 1862 aged 73
   years, 6 monts, & 11 days

Eliza Hardy, eldest daughter of the above died in Wilton, Maine May 24th
   1838, aged 30 yrs, 5 months 13 days

Simon Parlin first husband of Dorcas Whitney died in E. Wilton, Me. June
   23rd 1837, aged 27 yrs & 4 months

Lucy Ann Allen, 4th daughter died in Enfield, Me. June 2nd 1848, aged 25
   yrs & 22 days

Andrew Drury, son of the same died in Bangor, Me., June 1st 1849, aged
   29 yrs, 5 months, & 13 days

Drusilla Townsend, 3rd daughter died in Hartford, Me. Sept 13th 1852,
   aged 36 years & 7 days.

Albra E., daughter of Henry & Lucy A. Allen died in Enfield, Me. Aug
   30th 1862, aged 16 yrs, 11 mons, 15 days

Charlie, son of Henry & Myra C. Allen died in Enfield, Me. Dec 29th
   1862, aged 8 months, 14 days.

Henry Allen died in Enfield, Me. April 29th 1863, aged 43 years, 5
   months, 28 days.

Ebenezer Whitney died at Freeman, Maine Nov. 18th 1874, aged 88
   years, 3 months and 3 days.

Jonas Albert Whitney died in Freeman, Dec. 24th 1877

Dorcas D. Whitney died at Franklin, Mass. April 1, 1894, aged 82 year

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