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From The Bible Archives, with permission from Deborah Link.

Submitted May 28, 1998 by Deborah Loe Link.

"I found another Bible entry when visiting my father. I found it minutes before I was scheduled to go to the airport, so I didn't get the Bible name down. This is the bible of my grandmother's stepmother, Adah Cone Elliott."

Submitter: Deborah Loe Link
Bible Owner: Robert James Loe, 1012 Waynewood Blvd., Alexandria, VA 22308
Taken From: Original Bible

Data exactly as copied

BIRTHS Erastus Cone b. Mulburry Hartford Co. 14 Feb 1802 Mary Ann Whitney b.  ?Pettsfred Mass. 3 sept 1803 Noah Augustus Cone b. [?]Parnisville 0 12 June 1910 Electa Caroline Allen b. Ontario Wayne Co. NY 22 Sept 1835 Sarah Elizabeth Richie b. Rockport [?]Nialeo NY 25 May 1840 MARRIAGES Erastus Cone m. Mary Ann Whitney 24 Dec 1829 Noah A. Cone m. Electa Allen 30 Mar 1864 Noah A. Cone m. Sarah E. Richie 26 Sept 1869 Ashley m. Grace [?Durfee?] 24 June 1891 Mattie E. Cone m. Ralph Rogers 8 Nov 1899 Adah D. Cone m. Hal M. Elliott 13 June 1910 DEATHS Erastus Cone d. 3 Jan 1887 Mary Ann Cone d 5 April 1859 Electa Cone d. 26 July 1869 Howard E. Cone d. 7 May 1877 Mattie Cone Rogers d. 10 Feb 1908 Noah A Cone d. 26 Sept 1910 Sarah E. Cone d. 13 Sept 1911 Adah D. Elliott d. July 18 1935 CHILDREN OF NOAH CONE Ashley Whitney b. 26 Jan 1865 Adah Delia b. 21 June 1870 Mattie Elizabeth b. 3 Sept 1872 Richie Noah b. 19 Jan 1874 Howard Erastus b. 2 Sept 1876

Lineage: Mary Ann7 Whitney (Noah Ashley6, Joshua5, Joshua4, William3, Joshua2, John1)

Copyright © 2000, 2006, The Whitney Research Group.

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