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From Jon Grant.

"I found a Whitney family Bible in North Carolina. The owner of the antique store said that he found it in Virginia. I can find no reference to locations, only names and dates. If this is your line, please contact me at ."

"The publishing date in the Bible is 1834, so whoever owned it entered their information in after the fact. The Bible is leather bound. There has been some water damage and it needs to be rebound."

John Whitney, b. 4/17/1783, d. 3/9/1851 Hannah (wife), b. 11/4/1781 Joseph B., b. 4/30/1809, d. 3/10/1854 Nelson, b. 1/22/1811 John, b. 1/18/1813, d. 5/16/1837 Esther B., b. 8/5/1815 Eunice, b. 7/7/1817 Patience, b. 6/14/1819, d. 12/12/1819 Hannah, b. 9/29/1821 Martha C., b. 8/6/1822 Benjamin, b. 9/8/1824 Mary, b. 12/19/1826 Franklin, b. 2/26/1832

[Note: This was John6 WHITNEY [Asa5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1], born in Gorham, ME, and died in Thorndike, ME. His wife's maiden name was allegedly RICH.--RLW]

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