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Supplied by Sarah Jean Murphy.

He is Joseph7 Whitney (Ephraim Stinchfield6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

The bible is published in 1861 by the American Tract Society, 150 Nassau-Street, New York. It is titled "The Family Bible; containing The Old and New Testaments" "referring to references and marginal readings of the polyglot bible." In the center of the bible (like all old bibles), between the Old and New Testament is the family information. This Bible has been passed down to me from my mother, Lila Jean Beckman Murphy, who received it from her mother (my grandmother) Lila Eva Wagner Beckman, who received it from her mother, (my great-grandmother) Inez Amelia Whitney Wagner, who received it from her father and mother, Joseph and Dorothy A. Peterson Whitney. The Bible itself is in good shape considering that it is 150 years old. It clearly has been well loved.

"FAMILY RECORD Marriages. Joseph Whitney to Martha A. Peterson, Lee Co., Ill, Mar 1850 Joseph Whitney to Dorothy A. Peterson, Lee Co. Ill, Dec. 29th, 1852 (Sara's note: the succeeding marriages take no note of the locations as above, but were probably in Linn County, Iowa where Joseph resided.) Martha L. Whitney to Adolphus Atkins, Jan. 1st, 1879 (Sara's note: this is the daughter of Joseph and Dorothy A. Peterson Whitney, as you will see later in the births section.) George P. Whitney to Celestia Coquillette, Dec. 18th, 1879 Inez A. Whitney to Wesley Wagner, Feb. 8th, 1881 Warren Whitney to Effie Field, Apr. 20th, 1881 Carrie E. Whitney to Daniel Coquillette, Nov. 23rd, 1889 Elmo E. Whitney to Anna Bloom. (Sara's note: I'm unsure why Joseph did not enter the wedding date of Elmo & Anna Bloom Whitney, which according to the WRG website is Feb. 20th, 1906) George P. Whitney to Minnie Webber, Nov. 26th 1903 FAMILY RECORD Births. Joseph Whitney, Warren Co. Ohio, Dec. 14th 1825 Martha Peterson, Caugo Co., New York, Sept. 13th, 1831 Dorothy A. Peterson, Caugo Co., New York, April 16th, 1833 Henry B. Whitney, Lee Co., Ill, June 3rd, 1851 Johnathan Whitney, Lee Co., Ill, Sept. 28th 1853 Joseph W. Whitney, Lee Co., Ill, Sept. 15, 1854 George P. Whitney, Lynn Co., Iowa, Mar. 1857 Martha L. Whitney, Lynn Co., Iowa, Sept. 17th, 1858 Inez A. Whitney, Lynn Co., Iowa, May 1st, 1860 Carrie E. Whitney, Lynn Co., Iowa, Nov. 6th, 1861 Elmo E. Whitney, Lynn Co., Iowa, June 19th, 1872 FAMILY RECORD Deaths. Martha A. Whitney, Lee Co. Ill, April 25th, 1852 Henry B. Whitney, Lee Co., Ill, Sept. 27th, 1852 Jonathan Whitney, Lee Co., Ill, Nov. 1st, 1853 Joseph Whitney, Linn Co., Iowa, Oct. 15th, 1906 (From here down, written in a different hand) Martha L. Atkins, Linn Co., Iowa, Jan. 5th, 1908 Dorothy A. Whitney, Linn Co., Iowa, Oct. 22nd, 1910 Celestia P. Whitney, Linn Co., Iowa, July 25th, 1897 Carrie E. Coquillette, Jan. 28th, 1915 Joseph W. Whitney, June 3rd, 1939 George P. Whitney, Jan. 6th, 1941 Wesley Wagner, Nov. 30th, 1938 Inez A. Wagner, March 25th, 1945" Inside the bible is a lock of braided hair wrapped in tissue. I suspect it is from Martha A. Peterson, but it is only speculation. My Whitney lineage is this: Sara Jean Murphy via Lila Jean Beckman Murphy & John Murphy via Lila Eva Wagner Beckman & Charles Beckman via Inez Amelia7 Whitney Wagner & Wesley Wagner via Joseph7 Whitney & Dorothy A. Peterson Whitney via Ephraim Stinchfield6 Whitney & Mary Livingston Whitney via Joseph5 & Rebecca Stinchfield Whitney via Benjamin4 & Mercy Hinckley Whitney via John3 & Letty Ford Whitney via Benjamin2 & Jane ----- Whitney via John1 & Elinor ------ Whitney Via ThomasA & Mary Bray Whitney

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