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From the manuscript collection of the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library, 101 Newbury St., Boston, MA, call number Mss C 3744.

Sarah Whitney, daughter to Moses & Patty Whitney Born August 12th 1798 Lucy Whitney Daughter to Moses & Patty Whitney born Septr. 28th 1800 Elgridg Whitney son of Moses Whitney & patty was born Novemr. 23d 1802 Eliza Whitney Daughter of Moses & Patty Whitney was born May 13th 1806 When this you see Remember me Let me not be forgot [indistinct] the silent [indistinct] Sarah Pollard was born Mary Ann Whitney, daughter of Moses & Patty Whitney was born December 11, 1808. Harriet Whitcomb Whitney, daughter of Moses and Patty Whitney, was born Sept. 7th 1811. Marriage intended between Elbridge Whitney and Sarah Bacon Boston [?Hunnat] Whitney Town [Moid?] 1833 Mary Ann Whitney daughter of Moses and Patty Whittney died April 15th AD 1815. aged six years four months and four days. Moses Whitney, Father of the afores =aid Children, died January 11th 1816 Aged forty years three months and six days. Patty Whitney, Widow of Moses Whitney and Mother of the aforesaid Children died September 9th 1816. Aged thir =ty nine years and three months. In Mobile, Ala. Elbridge Gerry Whitney son of Moses and Patty Whitney died Sept 26 1837 Aged 34 years ten months three days In Boston, Harriet W. Marshall daughter of Moses and Patty Whitney died March 20 1845 Aged 33 years six months fourteen days In Groten Eliza Parker daughter of Moses and Patty Whitney died Dec 1859 Aged 53 In Littleton, Feb 25 1866 Lucy Walker daughter of Moses and Patty Whitney, Aged 65 years five months in Littleton, Augustus W. Walker died Feb 25 - 1876 Aged 86 years --------------------------------------------------------- Sarah Pollard, born 1751, died 1820 daughter of William Pollard of Billerica mother Experience Wheeler. married Aaron Whitney of Harvard 1774 Moses Whitney born 1775, Harvard married Martha Proctor Baker Lucy Whitney born Harvard 1800, died Littleton 1866 married Augustus W. Walker, Boxboro Harriet Augusta Walker born Boston 1822 married William Marshall, Boston 1847 Mary Elizabeth Marshall, born 1848, Boston married George Coe, Boston Harried Taylor Coe born 1877 in Boston married Eustace Reynolds Knott, of Boston 1907 Mrs. Eustace R. Knott Sharon, Mass. 71 Glendale Rd. Information compiled by my sister Alice Marshall Coe Auten

Lineage: Moses6 Whitney (Aaron5, Jonas4, Moses3, Richard2, John1).

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