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Louisa A. Whitney born July 15 1833

Sophia R. Whitney born May 25th 1835 Lincoln

Nathan S. Whitney born July 18th 1837 Lincoln

Mary C. Whitney born Oct 10 1840

Francis Whitney born Dec. 4th 1843 Lincoln

Emma Whitney born Jan 9th 1847 Waltham

William S. Whitney born Nov 26th 1894

Emma Whitney born Jan 9 1847 Waltham

Adèle Augustine daughter of Louis A.and Mary C. W. Felix born in Waltham Mass November 1st 1863

Ellen Louisa Brackett daughter of Charles A. Brackett and Sophia Brackett born March 12th 1857 Waltham

Mabel M. Brackett born in Waltham 25th November 1859

Grace Walton Goddard daughter of Ernest and Emma W[hitney] Goddard born in Essex Conn March 29th 1871

Earl Selwyn (sic) Whitney son of Nathan & Mary Whitney born March 18th 1872

Alice May daughter of Nathan S & Mary Whitney born Sept 23 1878 Waltham

Frank Leroy son of Frank and Lillie Whitney born 30th of July 1872

Marie Florence Renee daughter of Louis and Mary [Whitney] Felix born in Boston March 31, 1874

Arthur Nathan Whitney, son of W. S. Whitney and L. E. Whitney born April 22nd 1878

Louis M. Whitney son of W. S. and L. E. Whitney born 4th May 1884

Whitney Stilphem son of Mabel B. Stilphen and Charles Mortimer Stilphen born April 15, 1889 Died April 15 1889


Nathan Whitney Married Lydia Viles Nov 16th 1830

Nathan Whitney and Mrs. Mary B. Webber Nov 10th 1871

Charles A. Brackett Married to S. R. Whitney June 27th 1855

Louis A. Felex and Mary C. Whitney married Sept 14 1862

Nathan S. Whitney and Mary E. Hadley married May 14th 1865

Ernest Goddard and Emma Whitney Married June 14th 1870

Frank Whitney and Lillian Stoddard Married Jan 21st 1871

William S. Whitney and Laura E. Adams Married March 31st 1877


Mrs Martha Whitney Died Aug 30th 1855 Aged 64 years

Mary C. W. Felix died Dec. 19th 1878 aged 38 years 2 months

Nathan S. Whitney died Sept 1st 1891 aged 54 years 1 month 15 days

Sophia R. Brackett died Nov 25th 1893 aged 58 years 6 months

William S. Whitney

Francis Whitney Feb. 20 - 1913 Aged 68

Louisa A. Whitney Died June 18th 1857 Aged 23 yrs. 11 months

Lydia Viles Wife of Nathan Whitney Died December 19th 1869 Aged 58 years and eight months and 23 days

Lillie S. wife of Frank Whitney died September 21st 1873. aged 21 yrs 8 months

Nathan Whitney Died Oct 16th 1877 aged 69 years, 8 months and 15 days

Earl S. Whitney Died Sept 3rd 1877 Aged 5 years 5 months & 16 days

Louis M. Whitney Died Sept, 10th 1884 age 4 months, 6 days,

This was the family of Nathan8 Whitney (Nathan7, Abijah6, Joseph5, John4, Joseph3, John2, John1).

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