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Welsh Probate Records, Archdeaconry of Brecon
Catalogue Ref. BR

Creator(s): Church of England. Archdeaconry of Brecon

From Admons, wills, and inventories, 1557-1858, Archdeaconry of Brecon, FHL film 1,788,480

Name Residence Notes Records Date #
Whittney, Thomas Boughrood (Radnor) Esq. Will 1589 II 671
Whitney, John Glasbury (Radnor) Will (damaged) 1613 11
Whitney, Thomas Clyro (Radnor) Will, Inventory, Administrators Bond 1622 92
Whittney, James Llangynidr (Brecon) Inventory, Grant of Administration 1623 51
Whittney, James Llangynidr (Brecon) Account 1630 66
Whittney, Blanche Clyro (Radnor) Administration Bond, Inventory 1636 186
Whittney, Margery Boughrood (Radnor) Late wife of Thos Gent Will, Inventory, Administration Bond 1636 176
Whittneye, Istance (Eustace) Llanstephan (Radnor) Gent. Will, Inventory, Administration Bond 1641 147
Whittneye, Hugh Llanstephan (Radnor) Will, Inventory, Administration Bond 1646 94
Whitney, William the younger Clyro (Radnor) Yeoman Will, Inventory, Administration Bond 1651 34
Name Reference Date
Margarett Whitney BR/1662/103 1662
Hugh Whittney BR/1663/61 1663
James Whittney, Gent BR/1663/73 1663
Robert Whittney, Gent BR/1668/9 1668
Eustance Whitney BR/1669/31 1669
John Whitney, Gent BR/1669/81 1669
Margerett Whitney, Widow BR/1670/84 1670
Eustance Whittney, Gent BR/1670/157 1670
Sible Whitney BR/1672/24 1672
Richard Whittney BR/1672/91 1672
Mary Whittney BR/1674/84 1674
Thomas Whittney, Gent BR/1676/27 1676
Thomas Whitney BR/1676/109 1676
Elizabeth Whittney, Widow BR/1680/114 1680
Elinor Whitney BR/1685/31 1685
William Whitney, The Elder/Gent BR/1685/32 1685
Robert Whittney, Gent BR/1707/10 1707
Thomas Whitney BR/1707/17 1707
Robert Whittney, Gent BR/1711/11 1711
Robert Whitney, Gent/Bachelor BR/1712/17 1712
Thomas Whittney, Gent BR/1714/13 1714
Anne Whitney, Spinster BR/1718/20 1718
Elizabeth Whitney BR/1722/24 1722
Urshulah Whitney, Widow BR/1724/52 1724
Walter Whitney, Yeoman BR/1725/22 1725
Mary Whittney, Spinster BR/1729/34 1729
Mary Whittney, Widow BR/1730/32 1730
Richard Whittney, Yeoman BR/1730/112 1730
Robert Whittney, Gent BR/1731/11 1731
Thomas Whitney, Yeoman BR/1737/68 1737
Catherine Whitney, Widow BR/1740/36 1740
John Whitney, Gent BR/1743/6 1743
Eustance Whitney, Gent BR/1762/16 1762
Thomas Whitney, Poor man BR/1771/15 1771
Easter Whitney, Singlewoman BR/1774/14 1774
Anne Whitney, Widow BR/1796/5 1796
Jennet Whitney BR/1805/25 1805
Mary Jones, Widow BR/1822/73 1822
John Whitney, Farmer BR/1826/49 1826
John Whitney BR/1848/18 1848

Copyright © 2006, Robert L. Ward and the Whitney Research Group

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