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Digital Images of this volume are freely available at Henry VIII index page of The Anglo American Legal Tradition Website of the University of Houston.

CP 40/1126 - Chief Justices' Rolls, Court of Common Pleas, Michaelmas Term, 37 Henry VIII (1545)

Membrane 241

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[additional entries not transcribed]

Heref(ord) s(cilicet) Karolus Herbert & Thomas Herbert execut() testa() Jacobi Whytney p(er) attorn(atus) suu(m) op(tulit) se iiijto die v(er)sus Joh(an)em Boughan nup(er) de Canon Frome in Com(itatu) p(re)d(ic)to yoman de pl(ac)ito q(uo)d reddat ei tresdecem libras sex solidos & octo denari quos vic() iniuste detinet &c Et ip(s)i non ven(erunt) Et prec(eptum) fuit vic(ecomiti) q(uo)d cap(er)et e___ &c Et Vic(ecomes) modo mand(at) q(uo)d ____ est _____ I(de)o sicut pr(im)o capiant(ur) a q(uo)d sint hic in octavis ___ Hillary &c.

Herefordshire as follows: Charles Herbert & Thomas Herbert, executors of James Whytney, by their attorney, versus John Boughan of Canon Frome, in the County aforesaid, yeoman, ... plea of detinue.

[additional entries not transcribed]

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