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From the Civil War Pension File of Henry Whitney
Co. B, 11th Minnesota Infantry
Melissa Whitney, Widow
Widow’s Application #324264, Certificate #317495
The National Archives Building,
Washington, D.C.

Henry Whitney is identified as: (George) Henry8 Whitney (Sewell7, Jonathan6, (prob.) Jonathan5, Samuel4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

On 23 February 1885 from Isanti Co., Minnesota, Melissa Whitney signed a Widow’s Declaration for Pension or Increase in Pension. She is 47 years old, and the widow of Henry Whitney, who enlisted at Fort Snelling on 9 August 1864 in Company B, 11th Minnesota Infantry. Henry died from lung fever at Bradford, Isanti Co.,, Minnesota on 4 December 1877. She had been married to Henry Whitney under the name Melissa Carson on 1 June 1852 (sic) by Elder Bruce at Penobscot Co., Maine, and neither had been previously married. The following are the names and birth dates of their surviving children under the age of sixteen:

Frank Whitney, b. 16 September 1863

Elva Whitney, b. 28 February 1867

Willie Whitney, b. 8 August 1869 (sic)

Lillie Whitney, b. 6 July 1872

Ellen Whitney, b. 15 August 1875

Belle Whitney, b. 24 June 1878

Willie is a cripple, cannot stand alone, and is partially idiotic. She resides in Bradford, Isanti Co., Minnesota, and her post office is Cambridge, Minnesota.

On 10 July 1890, Melissa once again applied for a pension from Isanti Co., Minnesota. She relates that Henry Whitney was appointed Corporal on 26 October 1864, was discharged honorably on 26 June 1865, and died on 24 December 1887 (sic). She had married Henry Whitney at Hudson (formerly called Kirkland) on 16 July 1854. Children now living with her who are under the age of sixteen are:

Willie Whitney, b. 8 August 1870

Ellen Whitney, b. 15 August 1875

Belle Whitney, b. 24 June 1878

Willie is now, and has been since he was a baby, permanently helpless.

Melissa provided a copy of the record of her marriage from David R. Andrews, Clerk of the Town of Hudson, Penobscot Co., Maine. “I hereby certify that Mr. Henry W. Whitney and Miss Melissa Carson, both of Kirkland, Me. were lawfully joined in marriage by me on the 16 day of July AD 1854 in the town of Kirkland. Otis Bruce, Minister of the Gospel”

On 5 February 1891, Melissa Whitney applied as a guardian for pension benefits for her son Willie, who is permanently disabled. She declares that Willie was born 8 August 1870, and her husband died on 4 December 1877.

Melissa provided birth certificates for two of her children, who were born in Bradford, Isanti Co., Minnesota:

Ellen Whitney, b. 15 August 1875

Belle Whitney, b. 24 June 1878

The Bureau of Pensions was notified that Melissa Whitney was last paid at $12.00 to 4 April 1916, and was dropped from the pension roll because of death on 17 May 1916.

Note: Henry does not appear in the family in the 1880 census, so he undoubtedly died in 1877, not 1887. Whether he died on 4 December or 24 December I do not know. KLW

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