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Civil War Pension File of Adolphus M. Whitney
Widow: Harriet A. Whitney
Widow Applic. # 57056 Cert. # 34713
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Adolphus M.8 Whitney (Nathan7, Daniel6, David5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1). He is the son of Nathan7 and Mercy (Atwood) Whitney of Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine.

Private, Company H, 4th Maine Infantry

Harriet A. Whitney signed a Declaration for obtaining a Widow's Army Pension from Penobscot County, Maine on 5 July 1864. She is thirty years old, and a resident of Dixmont, Penobscot Co., Maine. She is the widow of Adolphus M. Whitney, who was a private in Company H commanded by Captain W. A. Barker in the 4th Regiment of Maine Volunteers. He was killed on 4 May 1864 (sic) at Spotsylvania, Virginia. His death was caused by a gunshot from the rebels. She was married to Adolphus M. Whitney on 13 October 1861 at Bangor, Maine by George W. Snow, Esq., Justice of the Peace. Neither she nor her husband has had any children. Her post office address is Dixmont Center, Maine. A subsequent inquiry by the Pension Office to the Adjutant General's Office places the death of Adolphus M. Whitney at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia on 6 May 1864.

The Adjutant General's Office provided the information that Adolphus M. Whitney was enrolled on 12 October 1861 at Bangor, Maine in Company H of the 4th Maine Infantry, to serve three years. He was mustered in as a private on 9 November 1861 at Augusta, Maine. He appears on the Muster Out Roll dated 19 July 1864. He is reported "Died at Field Hospital 6 May 1864 from wounds received in battle 5 May 1864."

Harriet A. Whitney was granted a pension, but relinquished it upon the occasion of her second marriage. She would be married two more times after that. On 12 August 1908, after the death of her fourth husband, she signed a Declaration of a Widow for Restoration of Pension. Her name is now Harriet A. Baker, she is seventy-five years old, and she resides in Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine. Her pension had terminated because of her marriage to Melvin B. Brann on 9 October 1870 at Dixmont, Maine. Melvin Brann died 10 September 1875, and she remarried for her third husband George F. Pierce, from whom she was divorced on 21 April 1885 at Bangor, Maine. She married fourth David Baker, who she married on 5 December 1885. He died 2 August 1908 in Hampden.

In a General Affidavit filed with her declaration in 1908, Harriet adds to previous facts. Her maiden name was Harriet A. Monk. Her pension benefit was originally eight dollars per month. Her second husband, Melvin B. Brann, died in Auburn, Maine on the date previously mentioned. She was married to her third husband, George F. Pierce, on 30 November 1877 in Hampden, Maine by Justice Barnett. She was married to her fourth husband, David Baker, in Bangor, Maine on the date previously mentioned by George W. Royal, J.P.

On 10 September 1908, the Adjutant General's Office conveyed to the Commissioner of Pensions the following information: Adolphus M. Whitney of Company H, 4th Regiment, Maine Infantry, age 24, height 5 feet 11 inches, complexion sandy, eyes hazel, hair dark, place of birth Hampden, Maine, occupation truckman, was enrolled 12 October 1861, and died 6 May 1864 at Field Hospital from wounds received in battle 5 May 1864. He held the rank of Private. He was absent 30 June 1862, sick at Yorktown Hospital. 31 August 1862, left at Yorktown.

Harriet supplied a copy of her divorce decree from George F. Pierce. Hattie A. Pierce of Hampden, Maine sued for divorce from George F. Pierce of Augusta, Maine on 21 April 1885. The divorce became final on 30 November 1885.

The Bureau of Pensions was informed that Harriet A. Baker was last paid twelve dollars to 4 September 1914, and was dropped from the rolls because of her death on 15 November 1914 at Hamden Highlands, Maine.

Subsequent to Harriet's death, Isabell S. Groce filed an Application for Reimbursement from Penobscot Co., Maine on 23 November 1914. She is 35 years old, and a resident of Hampden, Penobscot Co., Maine. She seeks reimbursement from accrued pension benefits for expenses incurred in the last sickness and burial of Harriet A. Baker, her step-mother. The pensioner left no life insurance, or any child under 16 years of age. She also left no property of any value. Harriet died from bronchial pneumonia, which she contracted on 15 September 1914. She boarded with Isabell until she died at Isabell's home in Hampden. She was buried in Locust (sic) Cemetery, Hampden. Total expenses enumerated were $128.00. (Note: Harriet is buried next to her husband, David Baker, at Locust Grove Cemetery in Hampden - KLW).

The following records were submitted with Isabell Groce's application:

Ernest H. Romell, Clerk of the Town of Hampden, Maine submitted a copy of the death record of Harriet A. Baker. She died in Hampden on 15 November 1914 from bronchial pneumonia. She was attended by W. L. Hasty, M.D.

A.S. French, Clerk of Bangor, Maine submitted a copy of the marriage certificate of Adolphus M. Whitney and Harriet A. Monk. Both resided in Bangor. They were married there by George W. Snow, J.P. on 30 October 1861.

J.W. Harding, Clerk of Dixmont, Maine provided a copy of the marriage record of Melvin B. Brann and Harriet A. Whitney. They were married in Dixmont on 9 October 1870 by Melzar Thomas, Minister of the Gospel.

Fred L. Wyman, Clerk of the Town of Hampden provided a copy of the death record of David Baker. He died in Hampden on 2 August 1908. He died in an accident in which he fell off of a load of hay.

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