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Civil War Pension File of Alonzo B. Whitney
Widow: Ann E. Ewer
Widow Applic. # 408785 Cert. # none
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Alonzo B.8 Whitney (Sewall7, Jonathan6, Jonathan5, Samuel4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

Private, Co. K, 17th Maine Infantry

Ann E. Ewer, Widow of Alonzo B. Whitney, spent many years and multiple applications trying to access benefits from her first husband's pension. On 1 November 1889 from Penobscot Co., Maine Ann E. Ewer signed a Widow's Declaration for Pension. She is 49 years old, and the widow of Alonzo B. Whitney. He enrolled on 1 March 1865 in the 17th Maine Regiment of Infantry. He incurred chronic diarrhea from which he died on 28 June 1877. She was married under the name Ann E. Miles to Alonzo B. Whitney of 15 August 1859 by Henry Willey at Hudson, Maine. She was remarried 9 April 1882. She has no children under 16 years of age.

In an affidavit signed 24 May 1892, she is 52 years old and a resident of West Corinth, Penobscot Co., Maine. She testifies that her husband had suffered badly with chronic diarrhea when he first returned home from the service in 1865. He continued to suffer with it until his death on 28 June 1877. He was also injured while helping move a building, which he claimed increased his disease. After his return home he was treated by Dr. Severance of Bradford, Maine, Dr. Fuller and Dr. Huckins of Corinth, Maine and Dr. Emery of Glenburn, Maine. They are all deceased. Alonzo contracted his disease at Camp Berry, Portland, Maine in the spring of 1865.

In a declaration signed on 24 March 1900, Ann Ewer is a resident of Stillwater, Penobscot Co., Maine. She is 60 years old. Alonzo had enrolled as a private in the 17th Regiment of Maine Infantry on 1 March 1865 and was discharged 13 May 1865. He died at Hudson, Maine on 28 June 1877 of chronic diarrhea due to army service.

Ann Ewer's last communication with the Pension Office was dated 15 March 1904. She assures them that everything has been submitted. She then had to abandon the claim. She could never prove that her husband's illness was directly related to his army service.

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