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Civil War Pension File of Andrew D. Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 1099970 Cert. # 874245
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Andrew D.7 Whitney (Samuel L.6, Jacob5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

Sergeant, Company K, 30th Wisconsin Infantry

On 9 March 1892 Andrew D. Whitney signed a declaration for Original Invalid Pension from Yavapi County, Territory of Arizona. He is fifty-nine years old and a resident of Stoddard, Yavapi Co., Arizona. He was enrolled on 7 August 1862 in Company K of the 30th Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers as a Sergeant. He was honorably discharged at Louisville, Kentucky on 20 September 1865. His disability is due to chronic diarrhea, piles, resulting weakness, and general breaking down of system and rheumatism. The declaration is witnessed by F. E. Doggett and D. F. Mitchell.

Andrew D. Whitney was granted a pension, and on 7 June 1898 he answered an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Lucy E. Robinson. They were married by Elder Woodley in Tomah, Wisconsin, and he has the marriage certificate. He had been previously married to Miranda Bates, who died in Wisconsin in 1868. He has two living children: Ed Whitney, born in 1858 (sic), and Juley Whitney, born in 1856 (sic).

On 21 September 1920 Andrew D. Whitney signed a Declaration for Increase in Pension from Yavapi Co., Arizona. He is eighty-seven years old and a resident of Mayer, Yavapi Co., Arizona. He had been enrolled at Bloomer, Wisconsin on 7 August 1862, and was honorably discharged at Madison, Wisconsin on 21 September 1865. He had enrolled as a private and also served as a sergeant. His description at the time of enlistment was: 5 feet 11 ½ inches in height, with a light complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair. He has been a farmer before enlistment. He was born 25 February 1833 at Phillips, Franklin Co., Maine. His disabilities are: complete inguinal hernia on the right side, which is inoperable; chronic articular rheumatism, defective left hip and knee; defective eyesight and hearing, both marked. Since leaving the service he has resided at Wisconsin and thirty-eight years in Arizona, where he has been a farmer. The declaration was witnessed by James B. Van Horn of Mayer, Arizona.

An addendum to the declaration yields the following information. His post office when he enlisted was Chipeway (sic, Chippewa) County, Wisconsin. His wife's full maiden name is Lucy Elizabeth Robinson. They were married 16 December 1867 in Tomah, Monroe Co., Wisconsin by Rev. M. Woodley, Pastor of Lincoln Co. There is no official record of the marriage. They are currently living together. His former wife was Miranda Bates, to whom he was married 28 September 1865 (sic) at Dalton, Sauk Co., Wisconsin. She died at Wysenia (sic, Wyosena?), Wisconsin 2 February 1867. All of his children are: Juliette, born 11 May 1857; and Edwin, born 8 January 1859.

In a deposition of 1 December 1920, Lucy Whitney substantiates the testimony of her husband regarding his disabilities. She has had to assist him in most of his activities of daily living. She has recently suffered a stroke, with resulting paralysis, and is no longer able to assist him. They request an increase in pension benefit in order to pay to have someone care for them.

On 8 April 1929 Andrew D. Whitney signed a Declaration for pension from Jackson County, Oregon. He is ninety-six years old. Since leaving the service he has resided at Tomah, Wisconsin; Bloomer, Wisconsin; Mayer, Arizona; and Ashland, Oregon for the last four years. His occupation had been carpenter. He has required the aid and attendance of another person since 1 April 1927. He is now unable to sign his name, and makes his mark.

On 12 October 1929, Julia Colan, age 73, and a resident of Ashland, Jackson Co., Oregon filed an Application for Reimbursement as a survivor of a deceased pensioner. She is requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred in the last sickness and burial of Andrew D. Whitney, who died 12 August 1929 at Ashland, Oregon. Both of his wives had died previously. Miranda Whitney had died during the Civil War (1864 or 1865) and Lucy E. Whitney died five years ago. The soldier left no insurance policy. The soldier was last paid ninety dollars to 4 August 1929. Physician's bill is forty-one dollars; and nursing and care bills are twenty-seven dollars. The accrued pension to 12 August is twenty-seven dollars. Julia Colan lives at 66 Second Street, Ashland, Oregon.


Andrew and Lucy's gravestone may be viewed at Arizona Gravestones

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