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Civil War Pension File of Dunham Whitney
Widow: Jeanette Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 544384 Cert. # 343631
Widow Applic. # 788077 Cert. # 566829
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Dunham (Denham in some records) H.7 Whitney (Stover6, Benjamin5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

The death certificate in the file indicates that Dunham died of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Brunswick, ME at age 64 years, 4 months on 21 June 1903. He was born at Bowdoinham, Maine, the son of Stover Whitney and Susan Trufant. Both mother and father were born in Bowdoin. Stover was a millman, and Dunham was a truckman.

Dunham married Margaret E. Nickerson of Brunswick. The marriage certificate in the file says they were married by Rev. Benjamin Jacques in Brunswick 27 February 1860. The file listed only one child, Enna Merrill, born 12 Sept 1860.

The divorce certificate in the file indicates that Dunham and Margaret Nickerson were divorced 29 Oct 1869. He then married Margaret Coombs, and their divorce certificate indicates they were divorced 14 Oct 1877. He then remarried Margeret Nickerson Whitney 4 March 1878. They were married by Henry Orr, J.P.

In 1902, he was described as 5 ft, 8 in tall, 200 lbs, light complexion, brown eyes and hair.

His widow lived at 23 McClellan St., Brunswick, Maine.

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