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Civil War Pension File of George T. Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 639358 Cert. # 799323
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as George T.8 Whitney (Humphrey7, Jonathan6, Jonathan5, Samuel4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

Corporal, Company G, 13th Michigan Infantry

On 26 January 1888, George T. Whitney signed a Declaration for Original Invalid Pension from Montcalm Co., Michigan, where he resides. He was enrolled on 7 April 1864 in Company G of the 13th Regiment of Michigan Volunteers commanded by Captain George M. Row. He was honorably discharged at Louisville, Kentucky on 13 June 1865. He is now 65 years old. While in the service in the line of duty at Savannah, Georgia in February 1864 (sic) he incurred a loss of sight of the left eye caused by a gun bursting, and the powder flashing in his eye. He was treated at the hospital at Savannah, Georgia. Since leaving the service, he has lived in various counties in Michigan, where his occupation is carpenter, which was his employment before enlisting. His post office address is Reynolds, Montcalm Co., Michigan.

On 23 May 1888, George answers an inquiry from the Pension Office. He explains that his first residence and post office in Michigan after discharge had been Jackson City, and his occupation is carpenter. He had had his eyes flashed with gun powder in front of Savannah, Georgia, and he was sent to the field hospital by his First Sergeant William H. Johnson. His first treatment was by Dr. Schucher, regimental doctor of the 69 Ohio Regiment. He was treated by Dr. Farnam at Jackson City, Michigan. He left Jackson City in March of 1871 and came to Montcalm Co., Reynolds Township, Michigan. His post office address was Howard City, Michigan. Dr. Morgan of Howard City treated him. His application was denied.

On 12 July 1890 he again applied from Montcalm Co. under a new congressional act. He is suffering from disease of the left eye, rheumatism, and pleurisy. His address is now Howard City, Montcalm Co., Michigan. He is now 67 years old. He adds that he had had a gunshot wound through the hips and was hit with a saber on the right side of his jaw. This application was also denied. He applied again on 4 February 1891. A physical examination reveals he is 5 feet 8 ½ inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. This application was successful.

In an 1898 application for increased benefits, George answers an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. His wife's name is Mary E. Whitney, formerly Mary E. Harden. They were married in Norville, Jackson Co., Michigan by James Withey, J.P., on 8 September 1868. He has a marriage certificate, and there is a record of the marriage at Brooklyn, Michigan. He had been previously married to Mary Darling, who died at Lewiston, Maine in 1843 (sic). He has three living children: Horace Whitney, born 1 April 1843; Frank N. Whitney, born 13 May 1854; and Laura Bussell.

In an application for increased benefit dated 21 February 1907 from Montcalm Co., Michigan, George remains a resident of Reynolds, Michigan. He is 83 years old, having been born 16 October 1823. He asks for a pension of $20.00 per month. He was dropped from the pension roll 19 February 1908 due to death on 3 February 1908.

Note: George's first wife Mary must have died in 1853, not 1843, because she is found in the 1850 Federal Census for Lewiston, Maine in the family of George T. Whitney.

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