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Civil War Pension File of George W. Labree
Widow: Elizabeth H. Labree
Invalid Applic. # 368671 Cert. # 242074
Widow Applic. # --- Cert. # 623422
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

Civil War pension file of George W. Labree, the husband of Elizabeth H. Whitney. She was born in Guilford, Piscataquis Co., ME, on 13 Feb 1830, the daughter of Annas Spears and Drusilla (Wright) Whitney. Her ancestry is Elizabeth (Annas Spears, Aaron). The ancestry prior to Aaron is the subject of conjecture.

Company E, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery.

On 24 May 1879 from Penobscot County, ME, George W. Labree signed an Application for an Invalid Pension. He is forty-five years old and a resident of Dexter, Penobscot Co., ME. He had enlisted at Parkman, ME, 12 Aug 1862 as a private in Company E of the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery Regiment. He was honorably discharged as a sergeant on 21 Jun 1865 at Petersburg, VA on 21 Jun 1864. As a corporal, he received a gunshot wound to the right thigh and in the same leg below the knee during an engagement at that place. He was sent to Carver General Hospital for treatment and was absent almost eight months. He was unable to perform active duty when he returned to the company, and was detailed into the Ambulance Corps, where he remained until discharge. The wounds have caused a permanent lameness of the leg. Henry Douglas of Guilford and Whiting S. Clark of Bangor witnessed the application.

On 7 Feb and again on 4 Jun 1898 George W. Labree of North Dexter, ME, answered inquiries from the Bureau of Pensions. The following information is distilled from those inquiries. He is married to Elizabeth H. Labree, maiden name Whitney. They were married on 10 Apr 1855 in Sangerville, ME, by Rev. Otis W. Bridges. The marriage is recorded in the Sangerville records, and they have a marriage certificate. Neither had been previously married. Their living children are:

  1. Cora L. (Lizzie C.) Labree, born 14 Apr 1858
  2. James M. Labree, born 26 Jan 1860
  3. George A. Labree, born 18 Nov 1862

On 1 December 1906 Elizabeth H. Labree signed a Declaration for Original Pension of a Widow. She is seventy-four years old and a resident of Dexter, Penobscot Co., ME. She is the widow of George W. Labree, who died on 26 Nov 1906 at Dexter, ME. There are no children under the age of sixteen years. The declaration is witnessed by Leslie Curtis and James Labree.

On 14 January 1907 A. W. Campbell, the Town Clerk of Sangerville, ME, provided a certified copy of the Town of Sangerville marriage record of George W. Labree and Elizabeth H. Whitney. The record supports previous testimony. George was of Sangerville and Elizabeth of Parkman when they married.

On 13 December 1906 J. W. Haines, Town Clerk of Dexter, ME, provided a certified copy of the town record pertaining to George W. Labree. From the record:

Name of deceased: George W. Labree
Date of death: 26 November 1906
Place of death: Dexter, ME
Age: 75 years, 9 months, 29 days
Place of birth: Sangerville, ME
Sex: male
Color: white
Condition: married
Cause of death: disease of the kidneys, liver, and stomach
Occupation: farmer
Name of father: Charles Labree
Name of mother: Rebecca Pettengill
Birthplace of father: Maine
Birthplace of mother: Woolwich, ME
Name of physician reporting said death: W. A. Bumps, M.D.
Residence: Dexter, ME

The file contains a copy of a deed made by Elizabeth H. Labree to her son James on 1 Dec 1906. In consideration of one dollar and other considerations, Elizabeth conveys to James M. Labree of Dexter, his heirs and assigns forever, two parcels of land in Dexter. They constitute the farm formerly owned by John Trefethrin and conveyed to her by Annis S. Whitney. It had been occupied by Annis Whitney as his homestead farm, with buildings thereon, and contains about 75 acres. The warrantee deed conveying the property to her was dated 24 Mar 1875 and was recorded in the Penobscot County Registry of Deeds, Vol. 452, page 245. This deed is conveyed to James Labree on the condition that he will maintain and support her during her natural life. On this farm he will furnish her with suitable food and clothing, nursing, medicine, and medical attendance and other things necessary for her comfortable support. He will treat her with kindness in all respects.

On 8 Oct 1919 the Commissioner of Pensions was informed that Elizabeth H. Labree was last paid at twenty-five dollars per month to 4 Sep 1919 and was dropped from the roll because of her death on 27 Sep 1919. The file contains a note written by James M. Labree to the Bureau of Pensions. He writes that Elizabeth died at the home of her son in Palmyra, ME, on 27 Sep 1919. It is signed J. M. Labree, Pittsfield, ME.

There is in the file a copy of Elizabeth's official death record. From that record:

Name of deceased: Elizabeth H. Labree
Place of death: Palmyra
How long a resident: 3 years
Previous residence: Newport, ME
Date of death: 27 September 1919
Age: 89 years, 7 months, 14 days
Place of birth: Guilford, ME
Date of birth: 13 February 1830
Sex: female
Color: white
Occupation: housekeeper
Name of father: Annis Whitney
Maiden name of mother: Drucilla Wright
Birthplace of father: Guilford, ME (sic)
Birthplace of mother: Guilford, ME (sic)
Occupation of father: Farmer
Deceased was the widow of George W. Labree
Cause of death: organic valvular heart disease of 2 years duration.
Contributing cause: chronic nephritis of 1 year duration
Place of burial: Dexter, ME
Date of burial: 29 September 1919
Name of Cemetery: Mount Hope

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