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Civil War Pension File of George W. Whitney
Mother: Diana Whitney
Invalid Applic. # unknown Cert. # 375116
Widow Applic. # 410185 Cert. # none
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He was the son of Sumner and Diana Whitney of Presque Isle, and grandson of Phinehas and Polly Whitney of Phillips, Maine. The ancestry of Phinehas is a matter of conjecture, and has yet to be proven. Warren Lincoln Whitney was a Major in the same company as George, and he also received a pension, but he was not closely related to George W. Whitney.

Corporal, Company E, First Maine Cavalry

George W. Whitney signed a Declaration for Original Invalid Pension from Crow Wing County, Minnesota on 25 May 1880. He declares that he is 39 years old, and a resident of the Town of Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., Minnesota. He declares that he enrolled on 1 October 1861 in Company E, 1st Regiment of Maine Cavalry commanded by Captain Blackhawk Putnam. He was honorably discharged at Augusta, Maine on or about 1 January 1862. His personal description at that time was: 21 years old; 6 feet 3 inches tall; dark complexion; black hair; dark eyes. While in the service and in the line of duty, on 1 December 1861 at Augusta, Maine he dislocated his knee. He was treated by the Regimental Surgeon. Since leaving the service, he has resided at Augusta, Maine and Brainerd, Minnesota. His occupation has been clerk, and Sheriff of Crow Wing County, Minnesota. He is now wholly disabled. The application was filed 4 June 1880.

The following Certificate of Disability for Discharge was contained in the file:

George W. Whitney of Captain Black Hawk Putnam's Co. (E) of the 1st Maine Cavalry was enlisted by Black Hawk Putnam of Co. E of the 1st Maine Cavalry at Presque Isle on the second day of October 1861, to serve 3 years. He was born in Presque Isle, Maine, 21 years of age; 6 feet 3 inches high; dark complexion; black eyes; black hair; was a clerk by occupation when enlisted. He was certified incapable of performing duties because of an injury of the knee joint caused by a fall. Discharged 27 December 1861 at Camp Penobscot, Maine.

George received a pension, but subsequently died 24 April 1886. A declaration for a dependent mother's pension was filed by his mother, Diana Whitney, on 7 December 1889, and re-filed under a new law on 29 October 1890.

Diana Whitney signed a Declaration for an Original Pension of a Father or Mother from Aroostook Co., Maine on 15 November 1889. She declares that she is the mother of George W. Whitney who enlisted at Presque Isle, Maine on 2 October 1861 in the 1st Maine Cavalry Regiment, Company E. She declares that he contracted Bright's Disease of the Kidneys while in the service and line of duty, which resulted in his death on 24 April 1886. Her son left no widow or surviving child under the age 16. Diana was married to the father of George at Bridgewater, Maine on 2 September 1835 by Nathaniel Bradstreet. She was wholly dependent on her son for support. George's father died at Presque Isle on 1 April 1887. George had no surviving brothers or sisters under the age of sixteen. Diana has not remarried.

Diana Whitney then signed a Declaration for Dependent Mother's Pension in Aroostook Co., Maine on 23 October 1890. She is 70 years old, and a resident of Presque Isle, Aroostook Co., Maine. She declares that she is the mother of George W. Whitney who enlisted at Presque Isle, Maine on 2 October 1861 in Co. E, 1st Maine Cavalry. He died at Brainerd, Minnesota on 24 April 1886 from the effects of an injury sustained on his right knee joint while on duty, and disease of lungs resulting from a severe cold and disease of the kidneys, incurred at Augusta, Maine on or about the month of January 1862. Her son left no widow or surviving child under the age of sixteen. She is without other present means of support other than her own manual labor.

There is a Physician's Affidavit in the file from Frank Kilburn, a citizen of Presque Isle, Aroostook Co., Maine, and a regular practicing physician of 11 years. He has given medical advice and treatment to Sumner Whitney. His testimony:

"I was initially acquainted with Mr. Sumner Whitney from October 1883 to the date of his death. As his attending physician and near neighbor, saw him almost every day during the time above named. He suffered from rheumatic arthritis of all the long joints, which rendered him almost entirely helpless. He was unable to walk or to dress himself and required the assistance of one or more persons constantly. I first treated him October 25, 1883 when I found his condition as above, prescribed for him as often as every month until his death April 1st 1887."

Diana Whitney had to abandon her claim. It was ruled that her son's cause of death was not due to a condition contacted in the military in the line of duty.

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