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Civil War Pension File of John A. Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 375115 Cert. # 229738
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as John Alfred7 Whitney (John6, Barnabas5, Isaac4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1).

Corporal, Company D, 28th Maine Infantry

John A. Whitney signed a Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension on 29 May 1880 from Franklin County, Maine. He had enrolled on 10 September 1862 in Company D of the 28th Maine Volunteers commanded by Orin W. Thomas, and was honorably discharged at Augusta, Maine on 31 August 1863. He is 49 years old, 5 feet 10 ½ inches tall, light complexion, brown hair, and grey eyes. While in the service and in his line of duty on the Mississippi River in the summer of 1863 he suffered severely from fever and ague and from exposure and deafness. He claims debility from the fever, exposure, and malaria. He was treated at the hospital in Augusta, Maine, where he was discharged. Since the service he has resided in the Town of Freeman, Maine, where he is a farmer.

In an affidavit accompanying the application, John states that he has resided in Freeman, Maine all of his life. He had been a farmer prior to his enlistment. His disability arises from deafness and general debility, which was contracted on the Mississippi River in the summer of 1863 from exposure while camping out in wet swamps in malarial places. He has received medical treatment from Drs. Alexander and John A. Richardson. The first eight months after his discharge he could do no labor at all. He then recovered to the point that he could do about one half to two thirds of a man's work. He is frequently laid up by attacks of the fever and ague for weeks, and he gets no permanent relief. His affidavit is witness by Samuel C. Rand and George W. Welch.

There is much corroborating evidence of John's medical condition from army comrades, neighbors, and acquaintances. An Examining Surgeon's Certificate from 1881 adds to his physical description that he weighs about 140 pounds.

John A. Whitney answered an inquiry from the Bureau of Pension on 1 June 1898. He answers that he is not married, as his wife died eight years ago. He was married in October 1854 by E.F. Pillsbury. The marriage is recorded in the family Bible. (It is also recorded in miscellaneous marriage records at the Franklin County Probate Office- KLW) He has been married only once. He has one living child named Nettie. She is married and was 39 years old the 25th of last February.

On 10 January 1900, the U.S. Pension Agency at Augusta, Maine reported to the Commissioner of Pensions that the name of John A. Whitney was dropped from the pension roll because of his death on 26 September 1899 at West Farmington, Maine. He was last paid $25.00 to 4 September 1899.

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