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Civil War Pension File of John C. Whitney
Widow: Matilda Jane Whitney
Widow Applic. # 115770 Cert. # 84348
Found in the Pension File of Alphonzo Chandler, Certificate # 589827
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

John C. Whitney was of Chester, Penobscot Co., Maine. He is buried in Chester in the Spencer Cemetery. Several of us Maine researchers have been puzzling over the ancestry of John, but so far he remains unconnected. If anyone has an inspiration, we would be delighted to entertain it.

Private, Company A, 2nd Maine Cavalry

On 7 November 1865 from Penobscot County, Maine Matilda Jane Whitney signed a Widow's Claim for Army Pension. She is twenty years old, and a resident of Chester, Penobscot Co., Maine. She is the widow of John C. Whitney, a private in Company A commanded by Captain Joseph H. (sic) Twitchell in the Second Regiment of Cavalry Volunteers. John died 24 July 1865 at the post hospital at Montgomery, Alabama of disease contacted in the service of the U.S. She was married to John C. Whitney on 14 September 1862 at Matawamkeag (sic), Maine by Asa Smith, J.P. Her name before marriage was Matilda J. Ireland. She has remained a widow since his death. The soldier left one son under the age of sixteen, Goodwin Whitney, age two years on the 29 July 1865. The application was witnessed by Samuel Chesley and Lot Bethane, both residents of Chester, Maine.

The Adjutant General's Office reports that John C. Whitney was enrolled on 2 November 1863 at Lincoln, Maine in Company A of the 2nd Maine Cavalry Regiment, to serve three years. He was mustered into service as a private on 30 November 1863 at Augusta, Maine. He is reported "Died at St. Mary's Hospital, Montgomery, Alabama on 24 July 1865". Cause of death not stated. The Surgeon General's Office reports that he died of Remittent Fever.

Ezra C. Brett, Clerk of the Supreme Judicial Court of Penobscot Co., Maine provided a certified copy from the Records of Marriage returned to his office. John C. Whitney and Matilda J. Ireland, both residents of Chester, Maine were married by Asa Smith on 14 September 1862 at Mattawamkeag.

J.F. Twitchell, Captain of Company A, 2nd Maine Cavalry testified regarding John C. Whitney's service and death. He states that he was well acquainted with the soldier, who was a member of his company. He was an able bodied man when he entered the service. He was disabled while in the service of his country and in the line of duty at West Florida on or about 20 February 1865, by reason of being exposed while doing picket duty. He was ill with typhoid fever and chronic diarrhea until 24 July 1865, when he died.

Matilda Whitney received a pension, but subsequently remarried and her pension was halted. On 3 May 1904 from Penobscot County, Maine Matilda J. Chandler signed a Declaration of a Widow for Original Pension. She is fifty-seven years old and a resident of Bangor, Penobscot Co., Maine. She is the Widow of Alphonzo L. Chandler, who had enrolled at Mapleton, Maine on 16 June 1862 as a private in Company C, 16th Maine Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged on 5 June 1865, and died at Bangor, Maine on 18 April 1904 of chronic pulmonary consumption due to his Army severe lung trouble. The soldier was born at Lovell, Maine. His description at enlistment was: 5 feet 8 inches tall, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and no permanent scars. He was a farmer before enlistment. She was married to him under the name Matilda J. Whitney at Chester, Maine on 13 April 1868 by Samuel Chesley, J.P. She had been previously married, but the soldier had not. She had been previously married to John C. Whitney of Company A of the 2nd Maine Cavalry, who died at Montgomery, Alabama in July 1865. Mr. Chandler left no children under the age of sixteen. Her address is 143 Park View Avenue, Bangor, Maine. The declaration was attested by Samuel Parker and Hannibal A. Hathorn.

Alphonzo Chandler had received a pension as an invalid. On 30 May 1898 he answered an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions. He is married to Matilda J. Chandler, who was a war widow when they were married. Her maiden name was Matilda J. Ireland, nee Whitney. They were married 13 April 1868 at Chester, Maine by Samuel Chesley, J.P. Their marriage is recorded in Chester. He had never been previously married. They have two living children: Mary J. Chandler, born 15 May 1871; and Hattie B. Chandler, born 28 August 1875.

Victor Brett, City Clerk of Bangor, Maine provided a certified record of the death of Alphonzo L. Chandler. He died in Bangor, Penobscot Co., Maine of chronic pulmonary consumption on 18 April 1904, aged 62 years, 5 months, and 12 days.

Alphonzo L. Chandler was pensioned at thirty dollars per month to 4 March 1904, and was dropped from the rolls due to his death on 18 April 1904. Matilda J. Chander was pensioned at twelve dollars per month to 4 September 1905, and was dropped from the rolls due to her death on 21 November 1905.

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